Ponds BB Cream Review, Price and How to Use

ponds-bb-cream-review-how to-use

BB cream or Beauty Balm is a multipurpose cream that serves our skin from a different aspect. It is a single cream that can act as a moisturizer, sunscreen, face primers, concealer and foundation. The idea of bb cream has been developed and introduced by a german dermatologist, who made this single cream to cover all the basic purpose of skin care.

Nowadays BB cream has made its place in every beauty conscious woman’s cosmetic box. There are different branded BB cream available in the market, and after reviewing lakme cc cream, today I’m going to share my experience of Ponds BB cream review that i completed this week.

ponds-bb-cream-review-how to-use

At the tender age, our skin does not need much care as it’s our body sebum and natural oils that secrets from our body glands nourishes our skin. But with the growing age and as we began to go outside, dust and pollution damage our skin surface. So our skin care routine starts from here to protect it and give it a younger look forever.

I follow a daily routine of cleansing, moisturising, and light massaging to keep my skin young and smooth. I was in search of cream that can serve me the different purpose to save my time and money, as for my busy schedule it was becoming too hard to follow the daily skin care before going to work.

At last, I came to know about new Ponds BB cream and buy one tube for myself. Now after using this ponds bb cream, i can say, my problem has been solved with this single tube.

Ponds White Beauty BB cream comes in a sleek white tube with silver colour metallic cap. The opening portion of the tube has an elongated nozzle so that you only get the quantity you require at a time without wasting the cream.

The outer package is a pink and grey colour package. It’s very easy to carry in the purse and also looks very attractive. The smart cover draws my attention at first sight.

Ponds BB Cream Price:

I got this Ponds White Beauty BB cream tube at Rs. 125/ for 18 gram. It is also available in the small tube of 9 gram at costs Rs. 69/only. So from the point of money-saving, I found it very much cost effective.


How to Use Ponds BB Cream (Step By Step):

  • Always wash your face with a face wash.
  • Then take the required quantity on your one palm, and apply like a dot with the finger, on your face and neck. Always remember whenever you are using any cream or foundation doesn’t leave the neck as it needs to be covered with the same skin tone.
  • Massage the cream gently till it completely covers all your face and neck. You will find a smooth finish after applying this. Do not forget your ear too as it is the open area and should be covered with the same skin tone.
  • After this, you can use any foundation, or you can use any compact face powder or translucent powder according to your choice.
  • If you want a smooth makeup finish, you can use it directly from the tube. Apply with the long nozzle, making a dot covering the face and neck and ear.
  • Use a flat or round shaped makeup brush or applicator to blend the BB cream completely spread over your face.
  • One best thing to use the makeup brush is that it reaches to the entire portion where our finger may not.
  • After covering your face with BB cream you can use powder or other compacts to complete the look.
  • I always use this Ponds BB cream with a little pinch of moisturising lotion to get rid of the dryness and to get long lasting make up.

Pros and Cons of Ponds BB Cream:

To talk about advantages and disadvantages, I must confess that the result of using any product ultimately depends on skin nature – whether it’s oily, dry, or a mix.

So the result could vary in each case. So keeping that fact in mind, I will share some of the general properties and beneficiary aspects of Ponds BB Cream.


Ponds BB Cream is a multipurpose cream, so it saves money to buy other products like sunscreen, foundation, etc.

  • Very much affordable by all, as it’s inexpensive.
  • It glides smoothly over the skin and covers the face.
  • Acts a concealer, covers up the light blemishes on the skin.
  • During day time it serves as a sunscreen, as it has SPF30.
  • Give a smooth finish on the face, so after using, face skin looks fresh and young.
  • Easily blends with the skin, so does not heap upon the fine lines, and never give a white mask like look.
  • Easily available in any cosmetic shop or online.
  • Light smell.
  • All ingredients are mentioned clearly on the pack.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Using only one cream completes the makeup, so it is time-saving.
  • It lasts for nearly one month, if used regular, so saves money.


Though I did not find any negative result after using, there are certainly some disadvantages. Such as:

  • For the oily skin, it acts well, but after 4 to 5 hours the face lost freshness.
  • On using this cream on the Dry skin, may create a dry feeling on face skin.
  • Not so much useful to lighten the skin tone.
  • Only one shade.

Final Review:

After using this Ponds White Beauty BB cream for last one week, I completely depend on it. I use it before going out, whether it’s night or day. It protects my skin from getting tanned, and also from sweating in the summer. It’s so sleek in shape that I can carry it anywhere.

Apart from this, I do not have to buy other cosmetic products for makeup. This cream helps to keep the fresh look for a long time. After travelling for a long time, I had found my face looking fresh and smooth like I just got my makeup. Also, it covers the spots, which is an additional plus point of ponds bb cream.

I will recommend all ladies and college girls who are beauty conscious and have to present themselves in a smart look every day, Ponds BB cream is just a magic wand for them. It actually acts magically on a single application. I will give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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