Lakme CC Cream Review, Price and How to Use


Lakme CC Cream Review:

Today I am going to present the Lakme CC Cream Review that is basically a better version of the BB Cream which is suitable for regular use.  This product is a skin expert having different features combined in one product.

I use this CC Cream regularly and it actually comes in handy if you are always in a hurry to go out for work or studies. This is a perfect cream for you if you have a busy schedule where do you do not have the time to apply various make up products.


There are numerous things that i found in lakme cc cream’s review and now i’m gonna share these things with you. First of all, this product is somewhat a substitute for foundation and that is why I use it every day freely without worrying too much about my skin.

Moreover this one product does the job of a skin brightening cream, a sunscreen, a concealer and a fresh wipe or a freshness cream, which makes my skin look flawless.

This Complexion Cream by Lakme comes in an attractive pinkish magenta packaging and comes in a tube and is available in two different shades – the darker shade is called bronze and the lighter one is called beige.

Though I personally would like a few more shades of it. What I like the most about is that it has a demi matte finish and the coverage is really sheer but buildable. The texture is quite smooth and creamy and a little heavier than the regular BB Creams.

The Lakme CC Cream comes with an SPF of 20 to protect my skin. It even has moisturizing properties as it is creamy and heavier than other creams. As for concealing, the cream provides medium coverage and covers only the light patches.

It does help to cover up the redness on the skin. It has a sweet citrus kind of smell which gives me a sensation of freshness. This Lakme CC Cream protects you from the sun, moisturizes, brightens your skin and gives you an even tone and perhaps that is why it is called the skin expert. In short, it is the perfect mix of both make up and skin care.

How to Use Lakme CC Cream:


  • Take some of the product on your hand.
  • Gently rub it to make it warm before applying it to your skin so that it spreads evenly on your skin.
  • Apply the product on your face and neck in dots.
  • Then gently massage it to blend it on to your skin.
  • Take some more of it and apply it below your eyes to use it as a concealer.
  • Blend gently on your skin to cover your dark circles and blemishes.
  • Don’t forget to do slightly extra on your nose to give it a brighter look as well as protect it from the sun.
  • You are good to go!

Lakme CC Cream Price:

The price of Lakme CC Cream is Rs. 250 for 30ml.  You can even get it cheaper on various online stores at a price of Rs. 235 or even less. Though the product is not at all a reasonable product, but it is definitely worth the price.

In fact, it does the work of so many make up products that you actually end up saving money by buying just one of this. So, every penny you spend on it is worth what you get. Make sure you look for the best price before you buy it.

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Pros of Lakme CC Cream:

1) All in one

The most important feature of this product is that it has various functions and covers 2-3 make up products. So, by using this cream, you can actually skip a few make up beauty products and still look flawless. It comes with SPF 20 which is quite good as a sunscreen. So you do not even need to use a sunscreen if you are using this product.

2) Time Saver

This product is truly a much needed product for women with hectic schedules. This Lakme CC Cream is easy to apply and is hassle free to carry. It gets absorbed by the skin quickly and you can get a glam look in a few minutes after applying it. You can wear this product to office or parties as this product is your skin stylist.

3) Easy to carry

It comes in a sleek tube which is very easy to carry. It saves space in your bag as you don’t need to carry any other facial skin make up products if you have this.

4) Long Lasting effect

This Cream is quite long lasting and lasts up to 3 – 4 hours. So this is perfect for wearing it in parties and office.

5) Convenient Price

You can get it at a convenient price and buying the product is definitely worth it.  It is not at all over expensive or highly priced. It comes in an affordable price at the market. You can even get it for lower prices online.

Cons of Lakme CC Cream:

1) Not good as a Concealer

Though the product claims to work as a concealer, it gives coverage to only light spots and redness of the skin. It does not hide blemishes or marks on the skin as the coverage it offers is low.

2) Is Oily and Patchy

The Lakme CC Cream is a bit more oily and patchy on skin than other creams. It is even creamier and heavier than other creams.

Final verdict/Review:

Even though it has an oily texture, it can fixed by using a compact powder. This product comes with numerous benefits and is definitely recommended for regular use. It is a perfect daily wear make up where you do not want an excessive glam look.

It gives an even tone and brightens your skin. It is definitely a must buy for college goers and office goers. It works wonders if you are too lazy to apply numerous make up products for a perfect skin. It works on all skin types and that is definitely a plus point.

It is quite easy to use and carry and comes in an affordable price. It freshens up your skin and has long lasting effects. So, i will give it 4 rating out of 5.

So, this was my review of Lakme CC Cream, if you still have any queries then you can ask questions freely in the comment box below.

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