How to Use Cleansing Milk on Face


After reading this paragraph, we bet you’d want to ask, “How to use Cleansing Milk for daily face care?” Just like your phone needs daily charging, your skin cells also need to be charged daily. And for this, you’d need Cleansing Milk-derived peptides. Peptides can charge up your skin cells, in a way to give you clear bright face, made of purely clean skin. For those who don’t know, peptides are like smaller versions of ‘skin proteins’ that can help you get attractive looking skin.

It’s time to think beyond face wash/soaps

Face wash/soaps are foam face cleansers, the one that produces lather and tiny little bubbles when massaged against wet skin.

Whereas some non-foamy face cleansers are- Gel Face Cleansers, Oil Face Cleansers, Wax (Balm) Face Cleansers, Clay Face Cleansers, Powder Face Cleansers, Cream Face Cleansers and yes, of course, Milk Face Cleansers.

Why use Cleansing Milk on Face?

Out of all the cleansers above, we think Milk face cleanser fits well as a daily use cleanser. That’s because milk is quite gentle on skin. But mind you, its gentleness doesn’t reduce its cleansing effectiveness. Thanks to the peptides present in it.

Due to its gentleness, milk is more like a universal in-depth pore cleanser, suitable for all skin type. Whether you have sensitive touchy skin or dry-oily skin, everyone can use cleansing milk regularly. And when you’d do so, milk would help you get a beaming skin by cleaning your face pores

Different Types of Face Cleansing Methods

Just like various types of face cleansers, there are various types of face cleansing methods too.

Here’s how you can daily clean your face methodologically, by following any one of the cleansing methods, given below:

1) Normal Face Cleansing with Cleansing Milk


  1. Wet a cotton pad/ball in the lukewarm water. Squeeze out excess water. Pour Cleansing Milk on it. Then with it, massage you face for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Rinse face with tepid water, i.e. tap water which is usually neither hot nor cold. After washing your face, pat dry it with a face flannel (towel). Take a fresh piece of cotton ball/pad, now pour some face toner, face astringent OR Micellar water on it.

How to use Cleansing Milk and Toner?

Milk face cleanser and toner, both can clear your skin, but face toners work like secondary cleansers. Face toners clear up the residual dirt and oil, left behind by cleansing milk. You should always use alcohol-free face toners as they are less harsh on the skin.

How to Use Cleansing Milk with Astringent?

If your skin is super oily, or you have been wearing make-up, Sunscreen, Sunblocks for a real long time. Or you’ve just returned from quad biking on Dubai’s desert! We mean if your skin’s been exposed to excess grime and dirt. That’s when you should consider using astringent.

Astringent is like a stronger version of face toners, this is why they should not be used daily. Also keep this in mind that, most of the astringents are alcohol-based, if you could find a non-alcoholic one, that’d be well and good.

How to Use Cleansing Milk with Micellar Water? 

This can be preferred by people with dry skin, acne-prone skin, and sensitive skin. For them, Micellar water is perfect for daily use.

By the way, Micellar water is:

Basically a distilled water based face cleanser, in which minuscule drops of skin cleansing and skin moisturizing oils are mixed. When you would use Micellar Water, you won’t have to apply a face moisturizer, separately then.

Let your face dry. Apply a light moisturizer on your face. Then, coat your face with your preferred face cream, like fairness cream , anti-ageing cream , anti-acne cream, or pore tightening cream, etc.

After this, apply eye cream around your eyes, in case you use one.


  • If you are going out, then 5 minutes after applying face cream, apply sun screen/sun block on your face.
  • If you want to do some make-up that should be done after applying face moisturizer.
  • If you are going out with your make-up on and the makeup products that you use doesn’t contain SPF in it, then 15 minutes before applying make-up apply sun screen/sun block on your face.

2) Double Cleansing Method

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This method is more suitable when:

You want to remove heavy duty makeup from your face, OR when;

You have spent a considerate amount of time outside, with dirt and dust.

In double cleansing face cleaning method, Cleansing Milk can be used in either of the following ways:

  1. At first, after moistening your face with water, massage it with cleansing milk. Wash off your face, pat dry it. When your face gets dried, again massage your face with cleansing milk and rinse it off.

This is suitable for people with dry and normal skin.

  1. For other skin types, moist your face with water, massage it with cleansing milk. Wash it off, pat dry your face and then, clean your face with some other face cleanser of your choice. It could be facial cleansing oil, face wash, face cleansing gel, or face soap, etc.

This is suitable for people with oily and combination dry-oily skin.

After this you can follow the same step as illustrated in Method 1: Toner/Astringent/Micellar Water-> Moisturizer -> Face Cream -> Sun Sunscreen -> Eye Cream

3) 4-2-4 Cleansing Method

You’d be comfortable performing this spa-like, 4-2-4 Face Cleansing Method in almost all seasons, except in winters. That’s because this involves the use of cold water/ice cubes in it. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Wet your face with tepid water (viz. lukewarm tap water you see, neither cold nor hot). After this massage it with cleansing milk. Wash off the cleansing milk from the face, pat it dry.
  2. Then except cleansing milk, use your preferred face wash/soap or any other face cleanser on it. Wash it off once with tap water again.
  3. At last, take a bowl of cold water or take some ice cubes and clean your face with it.

All this would take an approximated time of 4+2+4=10 minutes. You can follow this method 2-3 times a week.

After this you can follow the same step as illustrated in Method 1: Toner/Astringent/Micellar Water-> Moisturizer -> Face Cream -> Sun Sunscreen -> Eye Cream.

4) Exfoliating-Cleansing Method

Cleansing milk can be even used as face massaging cream. Usually, face exfoliation is done with face scrubs. But Cleansing Milks are not same as face scrubs, what to do then?

If you want to exfoliate your face with cleansing milk, then:

  1. Take a bowl. Pour some cleansing milk on it. Considerate enough, to massage your whole face with it. After this, add a half tablespoon of sugar inside the bowl.
  2. Start massaging your face with it until the sugar granules get dissolved onto your skin. Wash off your face you then.

Sugar granules are known to hydrate skin. They can even revitalize your dull skin’s appearance. Also, the granular texture of sugar can improve your skin’s elasticity by facilitating blood and oxygen circulation in your face while getting dissolved onto your skin’s layers.

Do this only once a week. If you have oily greasy skin, exfoliate your face very lightly and gently. Otherwise, with rigorous massaging, your skin may start secreting unrequited extra sebum, after wash.

After this you can follow the same step as illustrated in Method 1: Toner/Astringent/Micellar Water-> Moisturizer -> Face Cream -> Sun Sunscreen -> Eye Cream

5) Oil Cleansing Method

In this method, we cannot make use of Cleansing Milk as this method is performed only with essential face oils.

For the curious minds, here’s what we do in this Oil Cleansing Method:

  1. After splashing water on face, apply an essential oil fit for your skin type.
  2. Take a face towel, dip it in warm water. Wring out excess water then take a steam by covering your face with a warm face towel.
  3. This process is repeated four-five times on an average until the skin is clean and light.

How to Use Cleansing Milk as per Skin Type

How to use Cleansing Milk on Oily Skin?

You should use cleansing milk only once a day preferably in the evening time whereas in morning you could clean your face with foamy face wash/soap.

The big and small size open pores on your face are already making your skin oily. This oil keeps your face moisturized too. You don’t want to make your face over oily by using skin moisturizing milk, twice a day!

How to use Cleansing Milk on Dry Skin?

You can use Cleansing Milk twice a day. Better use cream-based moisturizers and face creams, after using cleansing milk.

How to use Cleansing Milk on Combination Skin?

Maintaining an equal balance between foam based face cleansers and milk (non-foam) cleansers, you should use Cleansing Milk at evening time. And in morning time you could cleanse your face with a face wash/soap.

How to use Cleansing Milk on Sensitive Skin?

You don’t want to irate your skin, so better use cleansing milk one time a day.

If you have acne-prone skin, then: Apply Cleansing Milk only one time a day.

If you have got a sun-tanned face, then: Apply Cleansing Milk twice a day as milk helps in soothing the burning sensation and smoothing the chapped sun tanned skin. Also before going out under the sun, apply sun block on your face (Not Sunscreen, Sun tanned skin should apply Sunblocks as it doesn’t absorb sun rays).

Helpful Tips on Using Cleansing Milk

  • If you workout daily, and even if you don’t then start working out ladies! Yes, so where were we, before working out simply wash your face with water. Workout with a water-rinsed face. And post workout, you can wash away all the sweat with face cleansing milk.
  • Cleansing Milk can even remove Sunscreen and Sunblocks creams and lotions, from your face.
  • Cleansing Milk can not only be used for removing make-up. It can also caressingly remove Holi colors from your face.
  • In comparison to specialized make-up removers, Milk Face Cleansers are less costly and more skin-moisturizing. So better use Cleansing Milks, if you want to be cost-effectively beautiful.

3 Best Face Cleansing Milk in India

If you’d ask us, we’d recommend you to use any of the three top rated cleansing milk in India:

1) Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk


Key Ingredients: Lemon & Mentha

Lemon: There’s a reason why lemon is used in various detoxifying drinks. For instance, lemonade is popular for clearing out impurities and toxins from our body.

But the topical use of lemon is quite tricky as a high amount of citrus acid is present in it. Due to this, the protective layers of your skin may get damaged if you’d apply lemon more than needed. Seeing this we have found a ‘safer option’ for you to use the anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative lemon. The name of that ‘safer option’ is Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk for you.

Mentha: Along with purifying your skin, mentha can also bodyguard your skin from various skin problems like blackheads, acnes, whiteheads, and enlarged pores, etc. People usually suffer from all such problems when they don’t cleanse their face properly.

2) Lakme Gentle and Soft Deep Pore Cleansing Milk


Key Ingredients: Avocado & Vitamin E

Avocado: Sometimes it’s not the dust but something else that’s dulling your skin’s look. Those treacherous hideous things are free radicals. Free radicals can secretively damage your skin.

Some of the free radical skin damages are in the form of lifeless dull looking skin, premature aging (Note that in aging also skin tends to lose its natural glow), and uneven skin tone etc. For this, you will need anti-oxidative avocado’s help.

Avocado also contains amino acids (peptides are made of amino acids only) and they also Vitamin E, whose importance you’ll know below.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E oil is popularly known as skin cleansing oil. This is why you’ll also find exclusive Vitamin E face wash in the market.

The antioxidant Vitamin E can free your face from environmental stress, scars, dryness, and even sunburns if need be. This makes Lakme Gentle & Soft Deep Pore Cleansing Milk, skin nourishing and skin protective too.

3) Ayur Herbal Deep Pore Cleansing Milk


Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Cucumber & Rose

Aloe Vera: For a dirt free refreshed skin, many can be seen applying aloe vera gel, religiously on their face’s cheeks. That’s because, aloe vera purges dirt and oiliness from deep skin pores, thereby making it look enlivened.

Aloe Vera can be tagged as a multi-talented herb, for it has multiple skin benefits. Besides cleaning all kinds of impurities from the skin, it can also help in getting rid of fine lines, sun tans, acne marks, acnes, and inflamed skin etc. Hence know that with Aloe Vera containing Ayur Cleansing Milk, you won’t simply be cleansing your face.

Cucumber: Cucumber is a natural bleaching agent. This is why cucumber slices are used to lighten dark circles under eyes.

This is how Ayur Herbal Deep Pore Cleansing Milk can make your skin glow. Cucumber has other properties too like it is skin hydrating, face spots lightening and skin-firming etc.

Rose: The anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative Rose works like mild face astringent, it can also diligently remove dust and dirt from skin.

Have you ever taken a ‘princess bath’ by bathing in a bathtub filled with water, milk, rose petals and rose bath salt in it? If no, don’t be sad Honey. You can at least bathe your face with rose petals containing Ayur deep face pores cleansing milk.

Read my Detailed Review of Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk


Instead of cleansing milk, you can even use unpasteurized raw milk to cleanse your face but then things would get all messy. Yes because then, you would have milk drops dripping down your face, dress, and floor!  Since face cleansing is a daily beauty affair. You don’t want to feel messy every day, do you?

Besides, all the top 3 Milk Cleansers above are made of other botanical face cleansing ingredients. Like Himalaya Herbals with Lemon extracts, Lakme Cleansing milk with Avocado extracts and Ayur Cleansing Milk with Aloe Vera extracts. Don’t you want your face to experience the richness of such herbal ingredients too? Plus, you will be able to carry the bottle of your chosen Face Cleanser, anywhere you want. Convenience, ladies! Beauty with convenience we want, isn’t it?

The skin cells regenerating cleansing milk have almost become a forgotten product for daily face cleansing. This was just our little attempt to bring it to your attention. For more of such forgotten and trending skin care tips, tricks, rules, and guides you can bookmark our BeautyStylr bulletin page. We know you’d stalk us if you liked, our little chit-chat on face cleansing milk.

Still have any doubts related to cleansing milk?? Feel free to ask your question in the comment box given below. And if you like this article, please share it with your friends and family via social media buttons given below.

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