How to Remove Tan from Feet and Legs


If you stepped out for a sun-kissed skin but then you returned with a sun tanned skin, read this. Tanned skin looks  good on Malibu Barbie but not on you, right? The sole question that runs in the mind of every tan victim is, “How to remove tan from feet and legs right at home?” This question of yours would now get its answer. Here you will learn ways to remove tan from feet easily and how to remove tan from legs effectively. Later, we will tell you about ways to take care of your feet and legs and about post tan removal.


Here’s a list of tan removal methods that would fade and remove dark marks of tan, visible on your tiny feet and pretty legs. We have included a variety of DIY tan removing pastes, tan removal scrubs and tan remover lotions, made out of ingredients easily available at home.

1) Tan Removing Pastes

A) Rice Flour:

Rice flour is said to lighten the tan.

  • If you don’t have rice flour, just grind some rice grains in a blender and your rice flour’s done.
  • Add few tablespoons of turmeric and curd to it, so as to form a nice texture of a paste.
  • Don’t pour water in it for increasing its volume.
  • While making a thick batter out of it, do take care of your paste’s consistency.
  • Apply the Paste on your tanned feet and/or legs and leave it until it gets dried completely.
  • At last, you can rinse everything with water.

B) Chickpea Flour/Besan


Chickpea Flour popularly known as Besan among us is said to exfoliate skin when applied on a tan affected body.

Curd plays the role of a coolant, as tan results in the production of more melanin due to increased temperature. This presence of excess melanin in skin, gives us darker skin tone.

Turmeric, on the other hand is an age-old mean to get brighten one’s skin color. Besides this, its anti-inflammatory properties makes it a key plus a potent ingredient in our tan removing paste.

  • Mix everything in such a way so as to make a semi-liquid batter out of it.
  • Use the same on your tanned region.
  • Leave it for 5-10 minutes, let it dry.
  • Then, wash it clean.

2) Tan Removal Scrubs

A) Papaya:


The pulp of papaya is considered helpful to get away with the tan. Mash papaya’s pulp and then scrub it on the tanned part of your feet or leg.

  • Mash papaya’s pulp and then scrub it on the tanned part of your feet or leg.
  • Remember we have asked you to go mash it a bit. Keep this on mind that while you mash it, try not to create a puree out of it. Hence mash the pulp with your hands instead of using a blender. Scrub until the pulp gets converted into
  • Hence mash the pulp with your hands instead of using a blender. Scrub until the pulp gets converted into
  • Scrub until the pulp gets converted into liquid. Then clean your feet and/or legs with water.
  • Then clean your feet and/or legs with water.

B) Sugar Granules:


Tanning results in the occurrence of dead skin cells. One of the effective ways to remove tan is to eliminate those dead skin cells. For this purpose, an easy to get as well as an efficient exfoliating agents that we found is sugar.

With sugar you need to use some lemon juice, as lemons act as a natural bleach agent. If you would apply lemon directly onto your skin, its citric acid would steal away your skin’s moisture. Hence to dilute it, we have suggested you this combination of sugar with lemon.

  • Take a cup of sugar and squeeze lemon juice in it.
  • Stir it a little and then apply it on your feet or legs.
  • Use this as a scrub, continue scrubbing until sugar granules get completely dissolved and then wash it off.

3) Tan Remover Lotions

A) Extra Virgin Olive Oil:


This is used not only for lightening sun tans but also for dealing with sunburns.

  • Pour a handful of extra virgin olive oil on your palm and then massage your tanned feet/legs with it.
  • Massage the same for around 10 minutes.
  • This activity of massaging would facilitate easy penetration of olive oil’s antioxidants in your skin cells.
  • For a good massage, use your fingertips more than your fingers.
  • Move it in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.  After you finish massaging, rinse it well.

One key difference between massaging and scrubbing is that scrubbing is done at a fast thumping speed but massaging is done slowly and gently. This is why we didn’t use turmeric as an ingredient in any of the tan removing scrubs mentioned above, as turmeric could darken your skin if rubbed roughly.

B) Raw Milk:

In many places, you will be suggested to use a mixture of yogurt, with turmeric and lemon, for your tan spots. But we chose to go with raw milk, as this liquid would stimulate massaging.

  • Take a cup of raw milk; add turmeric powder and then add some lemon juice to it.
  • After mixing them well, you will have your own homemade tan remover lotion ready.
  • Massage your feet/ legs with it for up to 5 minutes.
  • Let it dry for some time and then you wash it with water.

4) Post Tan Removal Care

To clear tan wholly and to prevent getting tanned in future, read this:

A) Tan Treating Bathe


When you bathe, you could make use of loofah as an exfoliating agent. You must have seen that in each of the methods above, we have asked you to rinse everything with water at the end. So before taking shower, you could apply any of these pastes, scrubs, and lotions, on your affected area and then exfoliate it with the help of a loofah when you bathe.

Aloe vera gel too helps in putting an end to tan. Hence after bathing in place of a regular body lotion, you could apply aloe vera Gel in form of a moisturizer. This would certainly help you get rid of tan; also your skin would get naturally moisturized.

B) Anti-Tan Diet

You could eat fruits and vegetable that are yellow, orange or red in color. For instance, you can consume: Carrots, Red Bell Peppers, Orange, Pineapple, Tomato, Lemon, Mango, Yellow Bell Peppers, etc. As they all contain carotenoids while helps in lowering the burning sensation.

Green veggies like Spinach, Broccoli, and Cabbage, etc. that are full of antioxidants must also be eaten. Since antioxidants rich food serves as good ‘skin care foods’.

You could also drink fresh coconut water and buttermilk to protect yourself from troubles caused by UV rays of the Sun.

C) For Tan Free Skin

In a match between “Sunblock versus Sunscreen” if we were to declare a winner, the one who could prevent tanning. Then we will pick up Sunblock lotions for you. Because Sunblocks help in blocking sun rays while Sunscreens are responsible for absorbing safe rays of the sun.

Since you are already suffering with tan, hence you should give a break to sunscreens and use Sunblocks instead, whenever you are out.

Out of three only two rays of the sun are able to penetrate earth’s surface, that’s UVA and UVB, .Together these are referred as UV rays. Both of these can cause suntans and in serious cases, even sunburns. So, look out for Sunblock lotions or creams which would provide you an overall ‘UV protection’.

Your chosen Sunblock must have Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30+. If you get tanned within 10 minutes, then an SPF 30 sun product would provide your 300 minutes of protection.

D) Tan Fighting Habits

Whenever you step out in the sun, don’t forget to cover your feet and legs. Walk around under the shade of an umbrella and never forget to put on Sunblock before going out.

Along with this, you could also go for White or Dark Chocolate waxing that can erase tan from your feet and legs. Other waxing types for treatment of tan are: Honey-Lemon Wax, Aloe Vera Wax, and Orange Wax.

We hope your sun-roasted, dark brown legs and feet would now regain its original skin tone. These tan healing remedies can be used every day, this way you can De-tan your feet and legs quite quickly. We walk under the sun every now and then; also we could get sun tanned in any season! Hence to get a suntan never again you could follow our guide to do away with sun tan marks and sun tanning problems.

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