10 Natural Homemade Facepacks for Dull Skin


Homemade Face Pack for Dull Skin: Read this for the sake of your pretty face. Can you tell us why is it necessary to keep one’s skin glowing? For looking slaying good? Of course NOT! OK wait, take it as a YES, we’re all beauty freaks, anyway. You should keep your skin complexion glistening and glowing because a dull-looking skin is an indicator of skin damage.

The same skin can mark the beginning of various skin problems too if not looked after properly. After hearing all this, you might find it hard to accept this but your skin is dull too. How do we know? We know many things. This is why today we’ll tell you how a dull skin really looks like.

Which all habits of yours can make your skin dull and how to get rid of dull skin using homemade face masks? So Bae.

Visible Signs of a Dull Skin

How to figure out if your skin lacks glow? Stand in front of a mirror, bring your face near to it and take a close look. Your boring, dull skin would have uneven coarse skin texture, visible pores, and pigments, or light and dark skin color patches on it. And in case you can’t notice any of the signs above, don’t get happy so quickly.

Skin Dulling Life Habits

You may think that your skin’s not dull. BUT if you have these face dulling habits in life, then sooner or later your skin would slowly but certainly lose its natural blush of glow.  So for getting a beaming skin, for adding reflecting shine to skin you need to shun these face dulling life habits –

Habit #01: You don’t sleep for up to 7 hours, 7 days a week

Sleep well to look well, because while you sleep, your skin cells repair and renew themselves by staying awake and active.

Remember, your skin cells health impacts the appearance of your face. If you won’t complete minimum 7 hours of sleep, how your cells will withstand and mitigate the ill effects of more such skin-dulling habits? Like the ones given below.

Habit #02: You don’t drink at least 8 glasses of water daily

Stop being a camel, will you and make sure to drink water minimum 8 times a day! On finding less or no trace of water inside the body, your skin cells may get dehydrated.

Consequently, your skin texture would get uneven and rough to touch. Also, your cells won’t be able to guard you against various skin harming elements like pollutants, dust, dirt, smog and UV rays etc. (PS: As a precautionary step, always step out, putting on sunscreen/Sunblock on your face. Even excessive exposure to sun can also give you dullish skin)

Habit #03: You like getting high, drinking alcohol

If you drink alcohol almost daily (OR) you binge drink, following the YOLO- You Only Live Once principle, then it’s time to live a sober life now. That’s because alcohol can make your body dehydrated too!

Every time you drink excess alcohol, the alcohol drinks up water inside your body.

In this case, also you can get dehydrated cells of the skin, as an after-effect, you may experience coarseness, dryness and/or peculiar stretchiness on your face too. So instead of emptying those beer pitchers and shot glasses empty a decent number of glasses filled with water. And say cheers to beguilingly presentable + bright face.

Habit #04: You puff out mini clouds of smoke

Surprisingly, even our lungs have a major role in keeping our skin nourished and normally functioning. The oxygen that we breathe in gets inside our lungs and then it travels throughout our body, visiting each of our body parts, including our face.

We’re just wondering do you drink, clean filtered water or unclean unfiltered water. Clean purified water, of course. Thanks for answering.

Now the time we smoke cigarette/hookah/cigar/weed, its tar gets mixed with our lungs’ blood. When our lungs pass over this tar mixed blood to our face, our skin cells get pretty upset about it. Because for them tar mixed blood, is equivalent to unfiltered drinking water.

You would soon notice their unhappiness on the mirror, soon as they’d start sculpting your face with gray-brown lips, dull dry cheeks, and sunken eyes.

Habit #05: Your relish sugary/salty food & drinks

You often entertain your taste buds with packaged foods and drinks containing a high amount of salt/sugar in it, right? Well, such foods make your skin tissues swollen as they make them retain body fluid (like water). This doesn’t let your skin shine naturally. Don’t feel guilty now. We have a solution for your cravings:

Eat/drink fibrous and antioxidants rich fruits and veggies. Drink water, lemonade, fresh coconut water, orange juice, or make yourself any fruit juice. Chew down some fruits, or make yourself a vegetable salad and chill! You’ll feel full and fuelled too.

All-in-all, maintain a healthy diet for a starry skin and a sexy figure, too! BOGO- Buy One Get One offer it is.

Habit #06: You feel lazy about home facials

If you pet fish at home, you will surely understand what we mean by this:

“Weekly facials are as necessary as weekly aquarium cleaning.”

Aquariums are often cleaned so that the fishes living in it can live long. If the glass box is left unclean for a long time, growth of algae gets triggered in it. Algae diminishes/blocks oxygen supply in the aquarium tank, due to which fishes finds breathing and living, difficult. This is why fishes and algae can’t be roommates!

Similarly, your ‘face’s algae’ are the dead skin cells. Dead cells covered skin cannot breathe too. Your skin sheds uncountable dead skin cells almost every day. But by scrubbing/exfoliating dead skin cells weekly, you can blow new life to your skin as scrubbing facilitates better blood circulation.

Scrubbing is just a part of facial. Home facials can be quickly done following these three simple steps:

Step 1| “You do this daily, so this should not be painful.”

Before applying any of your skin glowing made-at-home face masques, just cleanse your face with any face wash or cleansing milk.

Step 2| “This should be easy too. Get this done twice/thrice a week”

Start exfoliating your skin by mixing cleansing milk with sugar granules. In case you have your own preferred face scrub, use it if you want.

Step 3|”Finally you can put an end to all of this!”

After scrubbing and washing your face with fresh tap water, you’d free your skin from dead lifeless skin cells. Now all you have to do is, select your preferred face masque out of our curated homemade face masks. And with each passing week take a step towards getting a modestly shimmery face made of refined polished skin.

DIY Home Face Packs for Dull Skin

These masques for face are easy to make as they can be made using readily available ingredients in Indian kitchens and markets.

Since face packs are supposed to stay on the skin for a considerate time, they can provide inside nourishment to your skin very well. This is how you can make your skin glow at home itself.

PS: As told above, always scrub/exfoliate your skin, before applying any face packs. That’s because face packs work effectively on clean surfaced skin only.

1) Turmeric Aloe Vera Face Mask


  • MIX: Aloe Vera Gel + Wild Turmeric Powder (Kacha Haldi) + Rosewater
  • RATIO: 1 : 1 : ½ tablespoon (Note:Means for every 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and wild turmeric powder, add ½ tablespoon of rosewater)
  • TEXTURE: Mix the concoction till you make a paste out of it
  • TIME: Apply the paste on your face and keep it untouched for 20 minutes. (Note: Keep an eye on the clock. If out of greediness, you decide to keep the pack on your face, for more than 20 minutes, wild turmeric may darken your completion a bit. Discipline counts, everywhere ladies!)
  • WASH: With fresh running tap water

2) Fuller’s Earth and Sandalwood Powder Mask


  • MIX: Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) + Sandalwood Powder + Raw Milk
  • RATIO: 1 : 1 : 1 tablespoon
  • TEXTURE: Mix everything till you make a thick paste out of it
  • TIME: Keep the paste on your face for 20 minutes. (Note: Fuller’s earth can dry out your face, so don’t cross the 20 minutes time limit.)
  • WASH: With Ice Cubes. Keep one-two ice cubes on a clean handkerchief/small cotton cloth make a little ball out of it. After this clean, your face using the cloth covered ice cubes. (Note: ‘Skin Icing’ can facilitate blood circulation, which is necessary for a happy radiating skin. It can even make your skin smooth and soft to touch.)

If you want, you can adopt skin icing technique for rinsing off other face packs too. But on winter season you’d certainly drop down the idea of skin icing.

3) Honey Tomato Face Pack


  • MIX: Honey + Tomato Puree + Juice of Lemon (Note:We need you to use freshly made tomato puree.)
  • RATIO: 1 : 1 : ½ tablespoon
  • TEXTURE: Thick Liquid (Note:As we have made no use of any powdered ingredient for making this pack that works like a bonding agent. You won’t get a thick paste like texture by mixing all the ingredients together. So don’t try to make one. Remember we’d made use of powdered ingredients like- wild turmeric powder, sandalwood powder & fuller’s earth powder in first two face mask recipes.)
  • TIME: 30 minutes
  • WASH: With running tap water

4) Lemon Coffee Face Mask


  • MIX: Lemon Juice + Coffee Powder + Coconut Oil
  • RATIO: ½ : 1 : 1 tablespoon
  • TEXTURE: Thick Paste
  • TIME: 25 minutes
  • WASH: With running tap water

5) Olive Orange Face Masque


  • MIX: Olive Oil + Dry Orange Peel Powder + Rosewater
  • RATIO: 1 : 1 : ½ tablespoon
  • TEXTURE: Thick Paste
  • TIME: 20 minutes
  • WASH: After completion of the stipulated time rinse off your face with running tap water.

6) Fuller Earth’s Papaya Face Pack


  • MIX: Mashed/Blended Fresh Papaya Pulp + Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) + Raw Milk
  • RATIO: 1 : 1 : ½ tablespoon
  • TEXTURE: Semi-solid paste
  • TIME: 20 minutes
  • WASH: With running tap water

7) Honey Milk Face Mask


  • MIX: Honey + Raw Milk + Wild Turmeric Powder
  • RATIO: 1 : 1 : ½ tablespoon
  • TEXTURE: Semi-solid paste
  • TIME: 20 minutes
  • WASH: With running tap water

8) Almond Chickpea Face Masque


  • MIX: Almond Oil + Chickpea Powder (Besan) + Raw Milk
  • RATIO: 1 : 1 : ½ tablespoon
  • TEXTURE: Thick Paste
  • TIME: 20 minutes
  • WASH: Face after scrubbing off the dry mixture from your face.

Note: Chickpea helps in removing facial hair too. For this, use your hands for scrubbing away the dried up pack from your face. Due to this scrubbing, your facial hair would come off easily as chickpeas flour are quite sticky in nature. Now simply wash your face under running tap water.

9) Rice Flour Milk Face Pack


  • MIX: White Rice Flour + Raw Milk + Honey + Wild Turmeric Powder
  • RATIO: 1 : 1 : 1 : ½ tablespoon
  • TEXTURE: Semi-solid paste
  • TIME: 20 minutes
  • WASH: With fresh running tap water

10) Saffron Yogurt Face Masque


  • MIX: Dry Saffron Strands + Yogurt + Wild Turmeric Powder
  • RATIO: ½ : 1 : ½ tablespoon
  • TEXTURE: Semi-solid paste
  • TIME: 30 minutes
  • WASH: With free running tap water

It hardly matters if you have dry-oily skin, normal skin, fair face or a burnt golden complexion. Because anybody, at any time, can get a dull lifeless complexion irrespective of their skin type or skin color. So hustle, baby, hustle! Hustle to make any of our chosen homemade pack for dull skin. Apply the same on your face 2-3 times a week for restoring and maintaining your skin’s natural shine. Because Bae, you weren’t born with a dull skin!

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