Glam up Powder Cream Review & Price


As the name suggests, Glam up Powder Cream is one of India’s first powder and Cream blended into one product that claims to make your skin feel better and you, more powerful than before.

With all the attention surrounding the product, I decided to give the product a try. As if in an instant, the bright red tube with the gold font as if coincidentally, reminds you of just one thing: Glamorous.

The product claims to evenly balance out your skin and provide moisture, also doubling up as a sun protector. Though, there is much competition in this space, there is always room for one more product.

Which is why, I was hoping this would be a serious threat to its competitors so that we have a lot of good products to choose from in the market. Does it live up to its claims? This is the Glam Up Powder Cream Review, so read on to find out.

Glam Up Powder Cream Price

For all that exquisite packaging, the Glam Up cream price is reasonable at ₹150 for 25 grams. Not a bad purchase to make for you’re looking to give your skin some love.

Pros and Cons



1) Packaging

Let’s be fair: The product does impress you on its first look. The red attracts you and makes you almost believe that miracles can happen. The tube restores your faith in its use, and almost instinctively you decide that you’re going to be spending some money today. There is some power in holding a tube that looks like it is going to get things done and soon.

2) Price

For all that shine, it is extremely affordable too, which is why, even if you are mostly not likely to use it, you do want to give it a try, because what the heck, right? Pretty affordable and does not burn a hole in your pocket. The next time you see a cool product and check the price tag only to be disappointed, you will remember some good ones are waiting for you.

3) Thin Consistency

The Powder Cream blends well onto your skin with its super thin consistency that glides onto your skin and stays on it. It is a magical experience for dry skin in particular as it gives it that shine that discriminates it from your earlier skin tone. As compared to other facial creams that have a thick feel to them, this makes your skin feel light, just the way it is supposed to. As an added bonus, your skin feels cool for a while and it makes it worth the effort.

4) Whiter Skin

The reason why you probably bought the product, not that having darker skin is not beautiful, but it’s true: the product does make your skin whiter. It is almost finish to compact and there is a white layer on your face, that in all fairness (pun intended) you probably asks for. It does what it was asked to do. Sometimes, a little more than the accepted level of white so you got to be a little careful and not over apply it as your face might look extremely different than the rest of your body, which is, not very glam.

5) Long Lasting

For most of us, it is this property that really defines if we go back to a certain product or not. Here, full marks to the Glam up Powder Cream as it stayed on for a few hours and is a blessing as you do not have to keep applying it every or so. One use and you are good to go. However, other external factors or internal factors may affect its lasting property so you may want to simply let it cool off in air conditioner.

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1) Smell

How often do you read this?! Not a lot. Which is because it tried not to be said unless absolutely necessary. Well, in this case, It had to be said. The product has an awful smell, to say the least. Unlike other beauty and fairness products that ensure that you have some flower or medicinal skin lingering on your body, this product has a weird, strong smell that makes you doubt its effectiveness as a whole.

2) A no-no for Oily Skin

Though it works well with dry skin, it is surprisingly the opposite on Oily skin. This product probably was not created with the idea of oily skin and their significance and properties in mind. There is a lot that could go wrong if not applied to the permissible limit. It could cause irritation and redness so if you have already sensitive skin, you might want to lay off it.

3) Blending

This is a major problem right here. For a product to be a powder cream and claim to serve all its purpose, it is shockingly grainy. It forms uneven, leftover patches on your skin that you would not want to experience in your wildest dreams. Even for a powder, it is drier than normal and sticks to certain areas of your face that make you wonder about the quality of the product and if it suitable for your skin at all.

4) Chemicals

One look at the cover and you are sure to be stunned. The long list of chemicals that are involved in the making of this powder cream might have you rethinking it entirely. In a world full of natural and organic products, it makes one think why there are not any when you really need them to be. There are too many chemicals in the process of making your skin unnaturally whiter and maybe it is a heavy price to pay for some outer beauty.

5) Not Complete Coverage

Alas, the product does not entirely cover the blemishes and marks on your skin. Some of them are still left visible to the public eye. Which is a turn-off. If you are applying something you would expect it to make a difference on all aspects of your skin. However, this powder cream falls short behind and the coverage is not as complete as it should have been.

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How to use Glam up Powder Cream

Take little bit of glam up powder cream and massage it over your face for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

My Experience with Glam-up Powder Cream

As a whole, it is somewhere in the between, but leaning on to the negative side due to the physical attributes of the product. The patches on my skin didn’t leave a good impression. Also, I would have liked to smell better after applying the product, even if the whitening is not first class.

Though it lasts for a few hours unless you sweat profusely, the side effects are a low side to this powder cream. A first of its kind, trying it left me whiter but I am still unsure about a lot of its properties. It looks great and definitely has appealing characteristics.

Some of the disappointment was caused after, much rather than before. The experience of dealing with this cream starts off as a smooth cream with texture that might works it’s magic on your skin but unfortunately, there are a lot of bumps in this ride.

The experience was not as wholesome as you initially believe it to be. The saving grace is that it makes you fair and you can hold on to that as long as it lasts, which is also a positive. However, knowing your skin type is extremely essential before using the product as it may not be your type.

Final Verdict/Review:

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

It is not very difficult to conclude that there are far too many downsides to this product. Though it is a step ahead of the usual powders or creams, there is much to be changed and improved in this product. The smell for one will put you off. But it lives up to some of it claims.

It does whiten your skin if that’s what you are looking for, but everything in excess makes a bigger difference than necessary. To get rid of the patches that may form on your skin, you might have to take extra effort and be a little patient.

This product requires you to keep going at it and it delivers in some way. The beauty of a person aside, there must be regard for individuals health and the people making the product must look into the same. For such an affordable price, this product is not the best version of itself. Perhaps the amount of chemicals must be looked into as well.

There must be a safer product to apply on the most important part of your body, your face! There is a lot more to expect. Till then, it is advisable to try it at your own risk and if you do not bother about the side effects as long as it serves it’s purpose of making your skin fair. The review of Glam Up Powder Cream is to try it if you absolutely must. And if you do not care about the scent of it.

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