Figaro Olive Oil Review, Benefits and its Price


Figaro Olive Oil Review, Benefits and its Price

Hello to everyone. In our daily life, we often get confused about what to use and what brand is suitable for our total health benefit, as hundreds of brand products are launched everyday. So to clear up all the confusion, today I am going to present figaro olive oil review for total benefit of our body.

As we all know, Olive Oil is extracted from olive fruits by pressure. It’s a common crop in Mediterranean valleys, and it’s a very common ingredient to all the people living there. With the advancement of marketing technology Olive Oil is now easily available in India too.  I had heard about its use as cooking oil unless I meet one skin specialist, who advises me to use olive oil for the betterment of my hair and skin.

Then I searched for Figaro Olive Oil in renowned cosmetic stores and got it at a moderate price. Nowadays olive oil’s property is well known to everyone, and we can buy from any medical store or order online.



Figaro olive oil comes in a well built-in air tight green colored tin, which is easy to open, yet close enough. The packaging is one of the many reasons I like this oil to use.

I have experienced so much benefit by including this oil in my daily health and beauty regime, that I could not help sharing it with all, the unlimited advantages it added to my life.

Figaro Olive Oil Benefits:


Olive oil, as I have mentioned earlier is blessed with the uncountable property, which has proved beneficiary for our hair, skin and overall health improvement. Now i’m going to list some benefits of figaro olive oil.

Benefit For Hair:

  • For Proper Hair Growth: Hot oil massage is an effective procedure. Previously I gave my hair a coconut oil massage, but after I came to know about olive oil benefit for hair, I mix up Figaro Olive Oil and coconut oil, heat for some time and then give a massage over my scalp, leave it overnight. Next morning my hair gets a shining texture and become very soft. Figaro oil makes hair super soft and silky and makes the hair to remain knot free.
  • To Fight with Dandruff: Massaging it on the scalp helps to reduce dandruff. It contributes to minimizing the dryness of the scalp and this is one of the best feature of figaro olive oil for hair.
  • To Prevent Hair Damage: My hair faced a lot of damage due to remain exposed to the sun for long, and dust, I have to face daily. For my busy schedule of work, I don’t get time for prolonged hair spa session or deep hair conditioning. Figaro Olive Oil serves me as the best solution to solve this problem. All I have to do is to massage the oil in the night over my scalp, leave it overnight, and then wash it in the morning. My rough, frizzy, sticky, dry hair becomes soft and silky in a moment.
  • To Prevent Hair Loss: Hair loss is a common problem to every man and woman. I usually treat this problem by applying a hair pack twice a week. I mix honey, yogurt, and Figaro Olive oil and apply on my hair, dry it and wash it off after half an hour.

Benefits For Skin:

Olive oil can be used for skin also. It prevents the skin from ageing, reduces fine wrinkles, and makes it smooth and supple. I have included Figaro Olive Oil in my daily beauty routine and got lots of benefits. The way I use it is simple but fruitful.

For Facial Use:

  • Use in Face Mask: The face is the most attractive part of our body as it is called the mirror. Any minor problem occurs in our body, reflect on our face first. As we all aware that olive oil is a natural product and it has the amazing effect on our skin. Personally, I prefer to use Figaro Olive oil as one of the ingredients for face mask with Honey, and Gram flour (Besan) and got the fantastic result.
  • To Reduce Fine Age Lines: With growing age, fine lines increases on our face causing aged look. So after a certain age, regular massage of facial skin is vital. I do this massage with Figaro olive oil, which has a fantastic natural property that acts and works as an anti-ageing formula for my skin that helps me to look younger.
  • To Cure Acne and Pimples: Acne and Pimple damage our face beauty, and very hard to get rid of. Anyone can fight with this problem with Figaro Olive oil. Just apply one drop of this oil with cotton, and leave it overnight. Repeat it for three to four times. You will get good result.

For Body Skin:

Olive oil massage on body skin, give it a wet look, and inhibit dryness .to improve my body skin tone I use Figaro Olive oil as a massage oil daily after the bath, especially in winter when skin tends to grow dry. Also, my skin gets hydrated with this message.

  • As a Hand Lotion: Figaro Olive oil is very much effective as a hand and feet lotion to apply on the outer surface, as our hands need to be washed with soap that causes dryness. Here I use Olive oil with honey to massage on my hand and I apply the same on my feet to make it looks beautiful and smooth.
  • Body Scrubber: Mix olive oil with sugar and honey, and Rice flour. Then scrub your body with it. I got amazing effect using Figaro olive oil in the scrubbing mixture. My skin just glows after every use.
  • Cure Cracked Heels: It’s a common problem of every woman to get heels cracked during winter. The best remedy for this problem is to use olive oil, almond oil and lemon juice as a mixture and apply on the area. You will get an excellent result.

Use as a Cooking Oil:

Olive oil contains Mono-saturated fat and it is full of antioxidants. It is extremely healthy oil for cooking at a low temperature as it has a low smoke point, so it began to release unhealthy chemicals if heated high, but on the other hand olive oil reduces body fat and lower the bad cholesterol if we consume daily.

Thus it reduces the risk of heart diseases. Also, Olive Oil is light in texture, so it is easy to digest. As cooking oil, it lowers the acidity factor in our body. It has a nice smell of fruits, so while using in fruit salads; it makes it even tastier.

I use Figaro olive oil for cooking sometimes when I make chicken soup or light mix vegetables keeping my gas in a low flame. Also, I use to dressing vegetable salads with meyonese as it has an excellent smell. I never do deep fry with this oil as it releases harmful and unwanted chemicals on high temperature.

Apart from the above benefit Figaro Olive oil is very useful:

  • To moisturized dry lip.
  • It controls insulin level in our blood, so lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes.
  • It damages the free radicals, as it has antioxidants. Thus help our skin and body toxin free.
  • Good to remove eye and face makeup.
  • Make our bones strong.
  • Better nails health.
  • Give relief in constipation.
  • Helps to loose body Weight.

Figaro Olive Oil Price:


Figaro olive oil is user-friendly as it is available at an affordable price. Figaro Olive oil costs Rs118/ for 100 ml only and Rs.225 for 500 ml. tin can. It is little cheaper than other brands in India.

Pros and Cons of using Figaro Olive Oil:


  • The advantages of including Figaro olive oil in your daily routine are.
  • Figaro Olive oil has a multipurpose use.
  • Contains nutrients that are healthy for our body.
  • Superb for skin, hair massage, and to smooth dry hand and feet skin.
  • It is refined in nature, as excellent as a cooking medium.
  • Rejuvenate our skin cells, giving it a younger look.
  • Easily available on the store, shopping malls and online. Also, cost effective.


  • Its packing is not so easy to open.
  • It’s not extra virgin olive oil, so use it with other ingredients while applying on Facial skin.

Review, Rating and Final Verdict:

After using it for different purpose I will give it 4 out of 5. Anyone can use it for cooking and for beauty purpose moderately. It will give you good results in some common skin problems like dry skin, reducing fine lines.

It works magically to make our body free from the harmful toxin. Best use within six months after opening the seal. It is also budget friendly and super quality. So you never have to compromise with quality, if you buy Figaro Olive Oil. After using this Olive Oil I came to understand why Figaro Olive oil is has become a well-known brand to use as kitchen products and as cosmetic.

This is my review of figaro olive oil, if you still have any doubt, you can freely ask your questions in comment box below.

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    1. Hi Hansika,

      We all have different hair and each of us required a different product.

      There is no one product approach for all.

      If figaro olive oil didn’t work for you, i would consult you do a hair checkup and based on your hair’s health the doctor can recommend you product that will be suitable for your hair.

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