15 Best Ponds Products for Oily Skin


Are you suffering from oily skin? Tired of having pimples and acne? No more! The solution for oily skin problems is nowhere. “PONDS” – the brand of beauty and skincare owned by the multinational corporation Unilever has series of products just for dealing with oily skin problems.

The problems of oily skin start from adolescence period when excess sebaceous secretions begin on the face. This leads to widespread teenage problems like pimples and acne which tends to scar the beautiful faces. Dirt sticks to the oily face and makes the skin look dull and dark. Ponds products for oily skin is the solution to all the problems.

List of Best Ponds Products for Oily Skin

Now I am going to give you details regarding each of these ponds products and tell you which product would be the most suitable for you.

1) Ponds Cream for Oily Skin

A good cream for oily skin must be chosen in such a way that it retains all the good qualities of the skin and prevent the clogging of the pores by any foreign particle. These creams should have oil-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid. Ponds cream have all the qualities that we are looking for in cream.

a) Ponds White Beauty Detox Day Cream


There are several beauty creams by ponds but this cream was made especially for people with an oily skin. Along with increasing the skin fairness it helps in removing face oil. It is provided with Vitamin B3 that helps in protecting the skin from inside and helps in removing dark pimples 3 times faster.

Its UV ray filter protects the skin from within against the harmful rays. It removes oil from the skin and leaves a rosy glow over the face. It is great for removing oil and increasing the skin tone at the same time.

b) Ponds Gold Radiance Night Cream


Going to bed without treating your skin is very bad for the skin. After a long summer day before going to bed the best answer to all your skin problem is ‘Ponds gold radiance’. It works on the deeper dermal layer and gives the tanned skin an absolutely new look and freshness.

It helps in removing the oil and sweat, moisturizes the skin so that the next morning your skin is soft and supple again. This makes the skin ready for a new challenging day.

c) Ponds BB (Beauty Benefit) or BB Cream


Ponds BB cream can give you flawless, fair, even-toned skin in no time. In our busy life where there is not too much time for putting make up, BB creams are the perfect solutions.

They come in very affordable ranges and that has drawn eyes on it. It is very good for oily skins which are very much prone to acne and pimples. This cream even protects the skin from harmful sun rays. It’s not greasy oil-free formula is really useful for people with oily skins.

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d) Ponds White Beauty Fairness Cream with SPF 30++


It is one of the best ponds cream available in the market and it is said to be an all in one cream. It makes the skin glow, look whiter and makes it even toned. It removes dirt and oil from the face thus removing the blackheads and making the skin look fairer.

It has SPF 30++ and that helps it to act as a sunscreen and helps the skin to be protected from the harmful sun rays. Thus it is very suitable for any sort of outdoor activities. This cream acts on the inner layers of the skin and thus provide long-lasting fairness on the skin.

e) Ponds Flawless White Day Cream


This little pink box of Pond is perfectly suitable for any skin types who want to freshen up their face within 7 days. It gives a deep-rooted fairness to your flawless skin that nourishes your skin from within. Created with GenActive technology, this Pond’s cream adapts perfectly to any skin.

2) Ponds Moisturizers Cream for Oily Skin

Moisturizers are complex chemical products that help in water occlusion inside the side and thus make the skin hydrated and smooth. It helps in making the external dermal layers of the skin soft and pliable.

Moisturizers are very useful in the winter season when the skin becomes dry and tends to crack. For people having oily skin moisturizers are used to prevent dry skin caused by the weather or the use of any other products. For oily skin people, water-based moisturizers are preferred to lipid or oil-based ones.

a) Ponds Men’s Oil Control Fairness Moisturizers


Men are more prone to have oily skin as compared to women. That is why men suffer from problems like acne, pimples, etc. Hence this product has been made exclusively for men who suffer from oily skin problems.

Its light formulation gets easily absorbed into the skin and helps in removing the dirt from the skin pores. It instantly absorbs the excess skin oil and thus helps in reducing acne. It helps in the reduction of the dark spots and gives an even-toned complexion. It makes the skin look much smoother with a healthy and clear glow.

b) Ponds Clarant B3 Moisturizers


It is one of the best moisturizers available in the market. Formulated with Vitamin B3 complex and Vitamin C this moisturizes the skin, fights discoloration, and diminishes dark spot in 4 weeks so that the skin looks more radiant and even toned.

It is ideal for all skin types and very good for oily skin. Vitamin B3 reduces skin discoloration and redness whereas vitamin C acts as an antioxidant. It helps in improving the general health of the skin by deep nourishment.

c) Ponds Triple Vitamin Moisturising Body Lotion


With three times more nourishing moisturiser, Pond’s Triple Vitamin Body lotion is another perfect solution for oily skins. Not only it keeps your face oil away, but it also works great as a cold cream too. It has Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to keep your skin soft and radiant all the time. You can apply it in the daytime and see the magic.

d) Pond’s Men Acno Clear Oil Control Moisturizer


This Pond’s men moisturiser is specially created with Mineral clay which is a natural oil-absorbing ingredient. It is a day cream and men of any age can apply it on their skin.

It has a long-lasting effect on more 12 hours. It works from within and keeps your face healthy along with drying all the oil from your face.

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3) Ponds Powder for Oily Skin

Talcum powders are very useful in the summer seasons as they help in the absorption of the sweat and also impart a very good smell to mask the sweat odor. For people suffering from oily skin, talcum powders are great for the removal of the oil and sweat from the body and face.

a) Ponds Oil Control Talcum Powder


It contains advanced absorption molecules to take in the excess oil and makes you feel fresh all day long. This talc comes with TPI 60 and that offers ample sun protection all day long. It comes with orange peel extract and that imparts a fresh orangy scent all day long.

Vit C acts as an antioxidant and also prevents any type of skin irritation. There is no chance of any rashes when this is applied. It is very easy to use and very good for the skin.

b) Ponds Magic Powder Oil and Blemish Control


Ponds magic powder helps in the removal of skin oil and excess sweat from the body. It gives a sweet fragrance to cover the body odour and help its blemish control makes the skin look fairer. It gives instantly glowing fairer toned skin in no time.

It’s very good to go out in the sunlight as it gives double UV protection which no other talc provide. So skin doesn’t get damaged or tanned and the skin glow lasts for a really long time.

4) Ponds Face Wash for Oily Skin

Our face is subjected to a lot of dirt and pollution throughout the day. So treating the face properly from time to time is very essential. A face wash is a face care product that is used to remove oil, dirt, dead skin cells from the face. This helps to unclog pores and prevent skin problems like pimples and acne.

a) Ponds Oil Control Skin Mattifying Facial Foam


Ponds oil control skin mattifying facial foam is powered by unique mineral clay technology. Mineral clay technology is known as a very good absorbent. This helps in removing excess oil, dirt and other pollutants from the face without over-drying the skin.

This helps in making the skin pimple free and helps in preventing the formation of acne. This face wash is very good for acne and pimple prone skin. The skin instantly feels refreshed, clean and much fairer. Long lasting freshness and fairness is observed.

b) Ponds Pimple Clear Multi White Action Face Wash


Herbal clay present in the face wash helps in the absorption of the excess oil and sweat from the skin. Skin looks fairer and the dullness is removed. The stickiness and the sweat are removed completely and the face regains its former glow. The blackheads are removed and deep cleansing of the face is done. This face wash is very good for a pimple prone skin.

c) Ponds Men Oil Control Face Wash


This is product is ideal for men with oily skin. It removes excess oil from your face and makes sure the skin doesn’t become too dry. The facial pores are unclogged and the skin becomes smooth and silky.

Mineral clay along with hazelnut extract offers a clearer skin. Prevents the formation of pimples and acne and also removes blackheads from the face. Face becomes bright, beautiful and the lost charm is revived.

D) Ponds Anti-Acne Facial Wash


If you are suffering from acne problem, this Pond’s anti-acne facewash will surely going to bail you out. The power of Salicylic Acid is the magic behind this facial wash. The gentle scrubbing beads and brightening essence of this facial wash gives your flawless skin within days.

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If you want to get rid of your oily skin for once and for all, use all these products throughout the year. With regular use, your oily skin can turn into soft glowing skin in no times. Choose the best Ponds product for your slippery skin and know that Ponds can truly be magical.

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