Best Patanjali Products for A-Z Hair Problems


Tell us which day your hair’s having, today? Is it ‘Good hair day’ or ‘Bad hair day’? A bad hair day is a day when you curse your hair for being itself! While on good hair day, you love your hair more than your pretty face! Your hair must be having good hair days like scare weekends. And a chain of bad hair days like never-ending weekdays isn’t it? But with Patanjali products for hair, you can have good hair days, all week long!

Prefer referring this list of itemized Patanjali Hair Oil, Shampoo, and Conditioner, for many of your hair dilemmas like:

1) For Hair Loss

Do you also use a thick tooth comb? If yes, then we think your innocent hair strands definitely haunt you, whenever you find them on your pillowcase, hand, and floor!  To solve a problem, know how it is caused…

All this occurs due to hair breakage right from the hair follicles point. Behind this problem of yours, there can be various hidden reasons like nutrition deficiency, excessive use of hair styling equipment, anxiety, and environmental pollution, etc.

A) Oil: Patanjali Almond Oil


Hair fall problem is a BOGO offer. Where with hair fall, you would get hair thinning for free! In order to stop all this, try using Patanjali Almond Oil. If almond makes our brain sharp, then it makes our hair strong too. What makes Almonds strong, then? It’s the mighty Vitamin E which makes Almonds, fit for our hair.

B) Shampoo: Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Wash


The time, you will plan to wash your feeble hair, you can use Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Shampoo. That contains herbs like Amla, Turmeric, Acacia Concinna and Aloe Vera, etc. All these ingredients together, will free you from hair loss and split ends too. The reason we are highlighting split ends individually is that.

You may or may not be suffering from anxiety, nutritional deficiency, and other such hair fall reasons. But, majority of you suffer from hair break due to split ends.  If you don’t have dandruffs in specific, but you do have split ends then this Shampoo is of your help. As due to harmless looking split ends only, majority people complain about hair loss.

C) Conditioner: Patanjali Almond Conditioner


After using the above two products, use Patanjali Almond Conditioner. This way both Patanjali Almond oil and conditioner will strengthen your grown and growing hair. If you have been reading our words closely, you must have noticed we asked you to use Almond hair oil and conditioner. But not an Almond shampoo.

Here’s why we didn’t suggest you an Almond hair wash?

Hair loss can be due to multiple reasons. You may not be aware of those exact cause(s). Hence, to handle those multiple reasons, we suggested you a Shampoo with multiple herbs in it.

This way, you won’t waste your time thinking, as to why your hair’s falling so dramatically.

2) For Dandruff

Dandruffs are total turnoffs! It is quite difficult to remove these little troublemakers, embarrassment huggers, and acne inviters, from one’s head skin. But Patanjali’s anti-dandruff hair range products, know how to deal with dandruffy hair.

A) Oil: Patanjali Kesh Taila


From removing flaky visible dandruff to itchy sticky dandruff, you can use Patanjali Kesh Taila, hair oil.

PS: Every time you use the Oil, properly massage your hair with it.

Hair massaging is good but why?

We are always asked to comb our hair every day, as combing aids blood circulation in our head. Due to this free flow of blood, free flow of oxygen is also there. If oxygen helps us live, it also helps our body parts, function. Here, our hair will be able to keep itself healthy.

Hair massaging has the same effect as hair combing, but it’s more effective and better than hair combing. By massaging your head, you will help the oil; get inside your hair pores easily. The sooner it gets inside, the quicker it will show its effect.

B) Shampoo: Patanjali Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser (with mixed-in Conditioner)


Patanjali Anti Dandruff Hair cleanser contains ingredients like Honey, Tea Tree oil, Neem oil, Nilgiri oil, and Rosemary oil, etc.

You may not like hearing this, but just hear us out…

You are suffering from dandruff problem, as you have not been washing your hair properly. So please care to wash your hair, timely. Don’t keep it unwashed for more than six days, you lazy bum! Also, you need not worry about conditioning your hair, as the hair moisturizer is mixed with the shampoo only.

3) For White and Grey hair

Hey, you Shorty! Are you turning into a granny? Is your raven black hair losing its color, earlier than expected? Untimely whitening and graying of hair can certainly become a matter of people’s mockery. But you should care less about people and more about your problem.

Tip: Every luring thing is troublesome. So how come, gray hair is luring?

If you see even a single white or gray hair strand on your head, please don’t try to pluck it by your hands. And don’t even make the mistake of cutting it with scissors. Just let it remain in its place. You will get tempted but don’t!  Or else beforehand, whole of your hair’s color will change from black to gray!

In action movies, cats and grannies are saved by heroes? So who’s your hero little granny?

This word ‘granny’ word must be irritating, right now. So for avoiding such teasing…

A) Oil: Patanjali Amla Hair Oil


Know why you should use Patanjali Gooseberry Hair Oil daily. Besides slowing down premature hair graying, Amla will also trigger hair growth process inside your head. It will also keep dandruff and split ends at bay. This way you will become less prone to hair breaks as well.

B) Mehndi: Patanjali Herbal Mehndi


Why choose mehndi over dyes for hair?

Use Patanjali Natural Henna Mehndi weekly, to get rid of white gray strands. Patanjal Mehandi is enriched with Henna and ten other herbs. Henna is a renowned and trusted natural hair coloring herb. You should use it, as it doesn’t contains dangerous ______ (We know you must have guessed the word ‘chemicals’ by now).But there’s something that you don’t know.

Many incidents have occurred, where due to the use of unnatural hair dyes, cases of allergy, itchiness and scalp inflammation etc. were reported.  Trust us, you don’t want to hear about those cases in detail, for they will give you goose bumps. This is why you should use Patanjali’s natural hair mehndi, as they wholly and solely deal with natural Ayurvedic products.

Here’s how you can protect your hair mehndi color…

C) Shampoo: Patanjali Shikakai Shampoo


Shikakai also prevents hair graying. It’s even present in our Mehndi, hence we have taken every possible step to give your hair what it needs and wants. Besides hair greying prevention, it will also keep your healthy in many ways. For instance- it will help in hair growth, it will enhance your hair’s color, it will also treat all kinds of scalp problem etc. Like these one can derive several hair benefits from Shikakai, this is why it also known to be a ‘hair fruit’ particularly.

D) Conditioner: Patanjali Color Protection Conditioner


For conditioning, use Patanjali Color Protection Conditioner, exclusively made for Henna colored hair. It contains China rose, Aloe Vera, Sugarcane oil and Bhringraj, etc. That will help you sustain your hair color, for a long time.  All these clean away your hair’s dust without washing off mehndi’s color.

4) For Oily Hair

When at last, you felt your hair to be fluffy and bouncy?

That was long….long….time ago, isn’t it?

Sweetheart, don’t waste your time cursing your hair instead utilize it, to take its care. Please be informed, in reality, sticky oily hair needs ‘extra care’. As like a magnet they attract fumes, dust, and gasses etc. onto the living cells of hair. This way your hair becomes an easy ground for dandruff and other hair problems.

A) Oil: Patanjali Kesh Taila


Have you oiled your hair or is it wet?

Those, whose hair is oily, always shy away from hair oils. This is why considering your hair type you should use a  light and thin hair oil. Its name is Patanjali Kesh Taila. This Oil will prevent all those troubles that an oily hair would give you. Like dandruff, hair loss and premature graying, etc.

B) Shampoo: Patanjali Reetha Hair Cleanser


When your Wednesday and Sunday arrives…

For washing hair, there’s no shampoo better than Patanjali Reetha Hair Cleanser. Soapnut will remove the undesired oiliness from your head. It will also strengthen the roots of your hair, without depriving it, the moisture it needs. As other hair products, made particularly for oily hair can turn your hair dry, when used excessively. But Patanjali Reetha Hair Wash knows how to soak in oil from hair, without making it dry. It knows how to keep a balance.

C) Conditioner: Patanjali Hair Protein Conditioner


By ‘extra care’ above, we mean that…

To condition your hair after shampoo, use Patanjali Hair Protein Conditioner. You can take a sigh of relief, as we won’t ask you to use superfluous hair masques or serums. The Conditioner contains things like Aloe Vera Juice, Wheat Germ Oil, Milk Protein, Almond, and Bhringraj too. All of them will break down the thickening layer of oil on your head.

5) For Dry Hair

Do you also find wigs more attractive than your hair? If yes, then your poor hair certainly looks roasted and lifeless. If you want to nurture your moisture-less rough hair, then hydrate it with some moisturizing hair protein.

A desert land cannot be turned into a rainforest. But a lifeless coarse hair can certainly be given life!

A) Oil: Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil


For your dried and dull hair, you will need rich concentrated oil. That will deep condition your hair, thereby making it soft and lustrous. Hence for your hair fried with dryness, you can buy Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil. After making use of the oil, dryness of hair starts fading away slowly, this will take time. So have patience.

B) Shampoo: Patanjali Coconut Hair Shampoo


So how will you wash such rich concentrated oil?

To do so, use Patanjali Coconut Hair Shampoo. Coconut water along with its milk and cream is said to be healthy for the body. So if it’s healthy for body, it’s healthy for hair too. Coconut is rich in various fiber and minerals. If we would start naming each of them, you would probably doze off. So let’s just skip that part. Along with the coconut, this shampoo also contains the goodness of Bhringraj, Fenugreek, and Henna too.

C) Conditioner: Patanjali Hair Protein Conditioner


After reading this, you will be like, “Now you’re talking…”

After shampooing, use Patanjali Hair Protein Conditioner. It is mainly composed of milk protein. Milk is an effective moisturizing agent. Whether it is body lotions, face moisturizers, foot creams, face cleansing milk, or anything. For moisturizing purpose, milk is looked upon greatly. Since your hair is under-moisturized, for bringing it back to life you will need this Milk protein conditioner.

6) For Frizz-free Hair

Here’s the story of those girls and women whose hair looks all frizzy. They give themselves a nice champi, just a day before shampooing. Still, after every wash, their hair gets all twisted and unmanageable. Their curls look more like broken wires of a guitar, well that’s disturbing. (No offense, ladies) If this is your story too, then my dear, you need anti-hair frizz products.

A) Oil: Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil


When you religiously take care of your hair still; it seems unmanageable, especially when you keep it untied. So for making it look like a Spa treated hair, buy Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil. With frizzy curls, trimming of split ends can get tricky.

How split ends and frizzes connected with each other?

It may happen that your split ends make your hair look, frizzier. In other words, your split ends could camouflage themselves, among your frizzes. Hence, you can use Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil to de-frizz your normal hair. And for detecting your split ends easily, at the time of trimming.

B) Shampoo: Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser


A frizzy hair almost looks like unwashed hair. So now to shampoo happily ever after, use Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair cleanser, to detangle and moisture your hair. Even though your hair’s not dry, still your hair’s frizzy. Then high water content of Aloe Vera can make things easy for you. Like we said, your split ends could be sticking out as frizzy hairs on your head. This Shampoo can help you get rid of split ends too.

C) Conditioner: Patanjali Almond Hair Conditioner


Whether or not you have got natural curls on your hair, if it looks frizzy, humidify it using Patanjali Almond Conditioner. This is another conditioner which is power-packed with moisture that contains combination of two major ingredients- Olive Oil and Almond Oil. At least now you won’t nag, before washing your hair.

7) For Silky & Shiny Hair

Ever gone for a party wear shopping? Of course, you have! So can you tell why some people buy silk fabric dresses as their party dress? That’s because the fabric elegantly glitters under the light, without looking too flashy. Plus it is seductively smooth to touch and comfy to wear.

Don’t you want such traits of silk to get infused in your hair too?

A) Oil: Patanjali Almond Hair Oil


You can use Patanjali Almond Hair Oil to soften and condition your hair. With the Oil, you will just take your first step towards getting mirror like reflective hair.

Sorry for the interruption but this Note is for you:

Note- Despite having dry or oily hair, you may directly aim to get slippery glossy hair. So to them, we would say, this one is for those whose hair is normal. Hence, first solve the dryness and oiliness problem of your hair and then think about getting silky hair.

B) Shampoo: Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser


Your next step should be to use Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser. Aloe Vera is a stand-alone natural moisturizer. Like for instance: For preparing home-ready hair conditioning shampoo for shiny hair, we mix curd with olive oil, egg yolk, and stuff.

But with Aloe Vera, you need no other ingredient. Therefore, instead of making yourself those drippy home hair masks and shampoos, you can simply use Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser.

C) Conditioner: Patanjali Hair Protein Conditioner


The final step should be completed with Patanjali Hair Protein Conditioner. Along with Aloe Vera juice, it also contains other well-known moisturizers like almond and milk protein. This way, you can sit satisfied with the fact that you are deriving benefits of every kind of moisturizing agent. Only a nicely moisturized hair can give you the silkiness that you want.

8) For Straight Hair

Is your hair somewhere between straight and curly? If yes, then we guess you have three options with you.

Firstly, you can use plastic rollers and/or electric curlers to get curly hair, but it’s something you can’t use daily.

The second option is, you can get your hair straighten. But you don’t want to, as you can’t give 2-3 hours of your life every week, to post-hair straightening cares. The third is to use to the below mentioned products:

A) Oil: Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil


For nice long straight hair, you will also need an oil that has also got a long list of ingredients at the back of its bottle. Herbal ingredients rich, Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil is made up of thing like Brahmi, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil and Turmeric etc.

Tip: You can adopt this trick if you want to see straight hair, the next morning. After applying Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil, brush your hair. Tie a rubberband around your hair if need be. Start making a single ponytail, twist the same like a rope. Coil it around the rubber band for making a bun. The next day, you will find yourself waking up with nice straight hair.

B) Shampoo: Patanjali Shikakai Shampoo


You have been hearing praises about Shikakai since ages. Patanjali Shikakai Hair Shampoo does inculcate all of Shikakai’s hair benefits. But our Shikakai Shampoo has a very interesting ingredient in it. It’s none other than Sugarcane which plays the role of a hair styling gel.

No, we are not kidding…

Sugar cane extracts, due to its emulsifying properties are used in many organic hair gels. Since your main desire is to get straight long hair, we decided to tell about this first. All homemade Shikakai Shampoo’s are made with other things like Meethi, Amla, Reetha, and Neem etc. Patanjali shampoo contains all these ingredients too. Hence, you should not waste precious time of yours in making hair shampoos at home.

C) Conditioner: Patanjali Hair Protein Conditioner


Patanjali Hair Protein Conditioner contains an unusual ingredient that is Chickpea. If you remember, for cooking purpose chickpea flour due to its texture, is used a ‘binding agent’ in various kinds of batters. So don’t make a bun on top of your head after applying this conditioner. Keep your hair wide open, so that while it dries, it is able to shape your hair in straight form.

9) For Long and Strong Hair

Many girls’ ‘hair goals’ is to have Rapunzel-like long and strong hair. But we won’t make such airy-fairy promise of giving you Rapunzel-like hair.

A) Oil: Patanjali Kesh Taila


You can get and we can give you voluminous and growing hair with Patanjali Kesh Taila. This oil is made up of Sesame Oil, in which Lotus, Mulethi, Indigo, Amla etc. are boiled while making the Oil. If you know how to cook, then you must also be informed with the fact that:

With boiling nutritional value of each and every part of an ingredient can be extracted. Nothing gets wasted, as the hot water leaves none of its part untouched!

B) Shampoo: Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser


For getting thick and healthy flowy hair, you should try Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair cleaner. It will remove impurities from your scalp, it will reduce hair fall and it will also prevent split-ends. Don’t forget these are some of the common hair problems, with which you can get afflicted anytime.

C) Conditioner: Patanjali Sunflower Damage Control Conditioner


Sunflower oil is full of at least 4 kinds of hair vitamins. They are E, C, B and Vitamin A too. It even protects hair from sun rays, we can’t apply sunscreen on hair, but you can indeed apply this Patanjali Sunflower Conditioner. It will perform the job of a conditioner by nourishing your hair, but that’s not the end. Our Sunflower Conditioner will also encourage hair growth inside the roots of your hair. Now that’s something other regular conditioners don’t really do. All this happens due to its main component-Sunflower.

This conditioner in addition to sunflower oil also contains Aloe Vera and Hemp oil in it. Together, these ingredients will first repair damage caused to your hair. Then they will rejuvenate it.

Note: Since all these are herbal hair products. You may witness change in product’s appearance. All this may occur because of alteration in temperature, product’s exposure to air etc. Like for e.g.  If you will use our Coconut Oil, it may get solidified when kept below twenty-four Celsius degrees. All such things are normal. Hence please don’t get intimidated by seeing such change in their appearance.

Now it’s time for you, to be super-heroine of your hair. Arm yourself with Patanjali hair products to fight against villainous hair troubles of yours. And use these curative arms as a remedy for putting an end to all your hair complaints. They say women are moody and unpredictable. But we know the truth. We know that our hair is more moody and unpredictable than us! It’s hard to keep such moody hair, happy right. But with Patanjali’s hair protective products it won’t be a tough job.

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