13 Best Lakme Products for Oily Skin


Keeping aside the fact that, Lakme is one of the top Indian cosmetic brands. Find out if you can trust the Lakme products for your Oily Skin?

Including you, people with oil-covered face; know how that sweatiness and stickiness, in a slimy touching skin feels like (Ewww). We know whether it’s summer, rainy or winter season, slippery sudor skin never leaves their side. Haplessly you live with problematic zits, blisters, and acne attracting skin. Seeing this rising problem, being a sought beauty brand, Lakme has different products for pimples and acne prone skin too, see if it’s for you or not.

Here is a list of Best Lakme products for getting oil less and non-sticky skin:

1) Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Cream


Let’s face your fear first. As we know you always try to run away from face creams. As they think that after applying it, their skin will get oilier by the day’s end.

More emission of oil from skin results in the discharge of more melanin, which in return darkens your natural skin color.

Here’s why you will need Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Cream, which brims with Vitamin E and various skin minerals. The cream’s special oil control system will not just brighten your sulky skin. It will also make it look clear, by removing all the pimple blotches and acne spots.

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2) Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation


Make the best use of Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation, by following these simple steps:

  • Use Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner for cleaning and removing all the oil deposits in your skin.
  • After this use a very little amount of Lakme Peach milk moisturizer for getting an even surface and to awaken your skin cells.

Can we use toner and moisturizer of some other brand?

If you will use some other brand’s toner or moisturizer, then it may or may not sync well with the Foundation.

Better perform NONE experiments on your face where you don’t even know about the experiment results.

So, when you are using a Lakme’s foundation, use a Lakme toner and moisturizer only.

  • Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation is a liquid foundation; this is why for smooth application use a damp makeup sponge.
  • Pour few drops of the foundation, at the back of your hand, then dip the tip of the sponge onto it.

Note: Now, it completely depends on your face’s size that will determine how much amount of foundation you will need.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation blends easily and feels light. Hence one layer of foundation will be enough for you.

It comes in various shades. So prefer buying a foundation that matches your skin’s color.

  • Apply it from the middle of your face and then radiate, means go outward. Then finish applying the foundation on your hairline, jawline, and neck.

Vitamin B3 of the foundation will help you cover all the spots and oil of your face, for making it look vibrant and clear.

Suppose you put on makeup during daytime, SPF 11 in the foundation will protect your skin from the sun too, without making your perspire.

3) Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer


Let’s become an insider of Lakme, to know why peach has been chosen by it for its moisturizer?

Peach is rich in collagen, antioxidants and Vitamin C too. Every skin type longs for these three ingredients, yours too. See how.

Dead skin cells are usually found in the upper layer of our skin. You should get rid of those as they won’t let your skin, absorb all the goodness of the face products you use.

Since your skin is already oily. These dead skin cells then stick to your face. But collagen will help you remove them.

We know it’s harmful but why? – Relation between environmental pollution and our skin

Skin is not just a part of our body it is also a shield which protects our precious body organs from various germs, lingering outside.

These days some very common skin problems are early aging, sun tan and acne (mainly in oily type skin) etc.

The root-cause of all these annoying skin problems are the: Free Radicals.

Free radicals get produced in our body due to vehicular and industrial gas, dust, smog and kitchen’s fumes, etc.

Lakme’s Peach Milk Moisturizer, fights against skin erosion caused by such pollutants and dust.

As free radicals destroy our body cells, this includes skin cells too. Antioxidants of Lakme peach milk moisturizer deals with such free radicals.

Lastly, Vitamin C plays the role of both, collagen and antioxidant. It thereby maintains a balance between the two components.

4) Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores Scrub


Just like a body needs detoxification at times, the same way your face needs weekly scrubbing. Scrub the skin to clean pores of your face that are filled with oil and filth, most of the times.

Lakme Clean up Clear Pores Scrub contains Green Tea extracts that have several skin benefits. Green Tea functions as an anti-acne, face whitening, anti-aging, and as a skin toning ingredient too. Now instead of drinking a bitter green tea, you can make topically use it via this face scrub.

5) Lakme Soft and Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser


Cleaning of skin pore is essential as unclean pores are the entry points of sebum (oil) for the outer layer of your skin. Soon as you return home after work, use Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser.

As the avocado and vitamin E extracts in this cleanser will turn your blocked skin into a breathing one. Lakme makes use of every part of an avocado, including its pulp and its seeds that contain seventy percent of antioxidants.

Though avocado has vitamin E in it but people are more interested in Vitamin E’s ‘direct’ application. Be ready to get surprised…

For extracting Vitamin E’s oil, people with the help of a needle make holes in its medicinal capsules. But don’t worry. You won’t have to take such pains if you have Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser with you.

Vitamin E will cleanse dirt, moisturize skin, remove scars and will protect you from sun rays as well.

With that ‘waxy feeling’ or ‘heavy feeling’ on skin, call it whatever you want. Your skin cannot breathe when debris from outside will stick to it. Hence, clean your face’s pores to let it breathe. The Cleanser’s antioxidants in Avocado and Vitamin E will lend you a hand.

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6) Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Compact Powder


After applying Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation, we don’t think you will need a concealer for covering your face’s scars and marks.

Hence, you can directly get your hands on Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Compact Powder.

‘9 to 5’ in the product’s name indicates the fact, that the face powder will keep your skin free from oil, for a long time.

The finely powdered granules of the compact will leave people guessing if you’ve put on make-up or not.

Just like the Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser, even its face powder contains Vitamin E in it. Till now if you have been avoiding makeup thinking that your skin will look oilier, due to it. Don’t forget Lakme 9 to 5 flawless matte complexion compact is now at your service.

7) Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Serum


Face serum and face cream are like chalk and cheese. They differ from each other. A face serum should be used before applying a moisturizer and after cleaning one’s skin in the morning.

Serums are effective due to active ingredients in it. The active ingredients in Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Serum are Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E.

Since oiliness in your skin, make you less fair, Lakme’s Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Serum will come to your rescue.

You must be thinking…

Why should I use all these products, anyway? Aren’t you thinking why so many products are there solely for just one problem, i.e., oily looking skin?

Our skin is made up of several layers of skin cells. Those layers remain unprotected unless we apply some skin product on it. By skin products we mean thing like, face wash, serum, moisturizer, etc. We provide protective layer to our skin for removing unwanted oil in our skin.

Tip: Soon after you finish applying the serum, wait for active ingredients to get inside. After some time, apply the moisturizer.

Confused between face cream and serum?

The face serum is thinner and lighter than face creams; they get easily absorbed by the skin. Hence, don’t worry about the two. Since creams for oily skin due to its thinness spreads easily all over the skin. You can apply the two in moderate amount.

8) Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse


We know you are recalling your favorite, butterscotch mousse after hearing the word ‘mousse’. Anyways focus here. Originally ‘mousse’ means a lightweight, foamy substance.

The foamy texture of Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Mousse, will not ask for more than one round of dabbing.

If on one hand, your skin won’t get oily even after removing makeup. Then on the other, your makeup, instead of shining with sweat will look decently glossy. This way you will kill two birds with one Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Mousse.

Say thanks to silicones, SPF 8 and minerals present in it. Now don’t shy away from putting on makeup and get ready to pose for some killer photographs.

9) Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner


The problem with rest of the face toners is that instead of getting rid of face’s extra oil, it simply dries it up for a short time. But Lakme eliminates oil from face instead of drying it up. Many don’t prefer using face toners due to strong alcohol in it. But Lakme has launched its face toner, only after getting it tested by skin care experts.

Our oil glands (sebum glands) don’t let our skin and hair follicles turn fragile due to dryness. When the same gland, secrets sebum uncontrollably, that’s when the problem arises. Hence, all those having skin with unnecessary oil, should use Lakme Absolute Pore Fix toner.

10) Lakme Clean-up Clear Pores Face Mask


For deep cleansing of the skin, lakme Clean-up Clear Pores Face Mask should be used after using its scrub. Face mask heals your skin, by penetrating into your skin layers.

What’s so special about it?

Quite simple to understand logic it is, but many forget about it.

“Excess secretion of oil from slick face is due to enlarged pores.”

This face mask will tighten or will shrink those wide pores.

If Lakme’s Scrub also contains green tea in it, why use its Face Mask?

A green tea scrub will jut clean those big pores but a green tea face pack will shrink the size of those pores. Your face’s skin is most fragile part of you. So prefer giving extra care to your face.

And mind you, by ‘extra care’ we are not asking you to use an excess of these products. It has been found that many people increase the size of their pores due to excess use of face toners. Avoid being so greedy.

11) Lakme Blush and Glow Face Wash


Cute name, isn’t it? Lakme Blue and Glow Face Wash with help of phenolic acid will do away with, unrequited sebum present in your skin. The strawberry extracts in face wash, that’s full of Vitamin C will cleanse your face very well. So instead of running into just another lemon or orange face wash, try using Lakme’s strawberry face wash.

Why? What separates Strawberry from Lemon and Orange?

Yes, all the three are filled with Vitamin C. But excess use of Lemon, will reduce your skin’s moisture, while Strawberry will hydrate it. Speaking about Orange, it will just give you a glowing skin, but Strawberry will even lighten it.

12) Lakme Bi-Phased Make-Up Remover and Cleanser


Even if you are using makeup products specially made for oily skin, don’t forget to remove it before you sleep. As makeup particles can clog your skin at night. That’s when Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover comes into the picture.

Remember, makeup is just a ‘beauty product’ but a makeup remover comes under ‘skin care product’.

Here, ‘Bi-Phased’ means that the makeup remover has two liquids in it. One is skin oil, and other one is water. The denser liquid will undoubtedly rest at the bottom of the bottle while water will float just above it. Now you know why it is important to ‘shake well before use’.

Such a mixture will effortlessly remove all kinds of makeup, e.g., matte makeup, transparent makeup, blush makeup, nude makeup, and even your eye makeup.

13) Lakme Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 30


People with oily sticky skin are more likely to lose their fairness at a faster rate. The heat of the sun, in fact, promotes more secretion of oil. Most of the sunscreens are just able to protect you from sun rays. But here’s a sunscreen that will provide you fairness with protection against UV rays.

But, aren’t most of the sunscreens thick to touch?

Yes, but the same notion doesn’t apply to Lakme Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion. As it is a feathery touching sun cream when applied on the face. This sunscreen absorbs the right amount of Vitamin D from the sun as much as our skin needs. Just like antioxidants, Vitamin D also helps us in reducing destructive free radicals inside our body.

Final Words:

If you want to get back your normal skin, use these 13 Best Lakme Products. With oil supervision, oil management and oil reduction, Lakme’s products can convert your oily slippery skin into a velvety soft skin. Know that ‘Lakme’ is the French translation of Goddess Lakshmi, who is known for her beauty. We hope even your skin will now justify the brand’s name.

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