10 Best Hair Straightener in India (2023) for Different Hairs


Females love to have long, straight and shining hair. They love to do various hairstyle when they go out from home. Hairstyle and dresses are the first thing which comes in the mind when we have to go for any kind of party. Hair straightener gives a new look to your hair. One can go for styling the straight hair from the curly hair. You spend a lot of money in salon in hair smoothening and hair straightening. Frizz and Curly hair are typical to handle. One can go for the permanent straightening for hair. Hair straightening is a process in which the structure of the hair is changed to give the straight hair.

Hair Straightener are used for straightening the hair and are comes in various technology. Hair are heated up to certain temperature to perform the hair straightening But it is sometimes typical to choose the correct hair straightener. By purchasing the correct hair straightener you can save your money and can do your straight hair styling by own at home. Moreover this you should know the latest technology and which product will fit you according to your budget.You should know the process to use any product which you are going to purchase.

In this article we will guide you all about the hair straightener which you can buy and can do your hair styling with own.

Best Straightener in India

1) Philips HP 8302 Hair Straightener


When we talk about the brand Philips is the most trustable brand for the electronics items.This is at the top of the list of hair straightener which helps you in getting the lustrous hair without causing any damage to your hair. This makes easy to get ready and takes lesser time every day. This can be an ideal tool for anyone for straightening the hair. Can be used for the all types of hair medium, thick and thin.

Specifications and Advantages:

  • Maximum Temperature is 210°C
  • Has swivel cord which rotates the cord to prevent tangled wires
  • Has fast heat up time i.e. 60 seconds
  • Comes with ceramic coating
  • Voltage: 110-240
  • 2 Years Warranty from the purchase date
  • Has PTC Heater type
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Handy and light weight


  • Don’t have any heating indicator (like iron). You need to assume the amount of heat perfect for using.
  • Cord length is small

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2) Panasonic EH-HV20-K62B Hair Straightener


This is the second best hair straightener in India which gives a new and classy look to your hair. This straightener makes your hair shiny and smooth. Available in different colours. It comes with adjustable temperature and help you to style the hair.

Specifications and Advantages:

  • Comes with ceramic coated plates
  • Heat up at 230 degree Celsius
  • Has easy storage cap for the flap of straightener
  • Can be used for curly hair
  • Prevents hair damage from it adjustable temperature feature
  • 1.8m cord length
  • 360 degree swivel cord


  • Heating Pads are small
  • Worked better for thin hair
  • There is no sign like led or anything to check whether the power is or not

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Best Hair Straightener for Curly Hair

Get bored with the curly hair it is better idea to change the hair style from curly to straight. Curly hair are delicate to handle why not try for the straightener. Straightener will prevent your curls being fried and breaking. Wider plates will help you to get the more hair straighten at a time. Use flat iron with ceramic and titanium plates for your curly hair and gave a new look.

Bio Ionic One Pass Straightening Iron


This is the best for the curly hair and will straighten your hair very fast. It will regain its silky look and shine. If you have dry and frizzy hair then this is the best straightener for you.

Specification and Advantages:

  • Has two silocone strips on both side which grip hair tightly
  • Uses Nanolonic Mineral on the plates which heal damaged and broken hair
  • Goes up to 400 degree Fahrenheit
  • Iron has curved edges
  • Has 4 temperature settings
  • Imported From US
  • Has dual voltage and infrared heating and light indicator
  • Light weight 1.6 pound, 5 inches tall and 1 inch wide


  • Stripes are hard to clean
  • Heats up too quickly

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Best Hair Straightener For Indian Hair

Normally Indians have frizzy hair issues and that is the last thing you want. What is frizzy hair? Frizzy hairs are those which do not sync with surrounding hairs and also might have irregular texture.  In order get rid of frizzy hair you can use following hair straightener.

Remington S3500


Whether you suffer from hair issues due to humidity or rough hairs due to winters. Remington S3500 can help you to get rid of all kind of similar issues. This straightener is suitable for different types of hair structures. Ceramic plates of the straightener make the hair smooth and shiny. Coated with a layer of Teflon material prevents the hair from overheating and reduces the splitting.

Specifications and advantages:

  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Ceramic and Teflon coating
  • Plate width is 30 mm
  • Heat time is 60 sec
  • Has indicator light when get heat
  • Comes with 3 years warranty from the date of purchase
  • For medium and thick hair the suitable temperature is 170-190°C
  • For curly and wiry hair the suitable temperature is 200-220°C
  • For thin hair the temperature should not exceed the limit of 140-160°C
  • Has 3 meter cord
  • Has a small metal stand which can be used when the straightener is hot


  • Peculiar odour can come from the plates of straightener
  • Has sharp edges sometimes pull the hair

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Best Hair Straightener for Short Hair

If you have short and choppy hair then mini straightener are the best choice for you. They are portable while you are travelling. Some straightener are designed only for the short hair.

Remington S1005


In terms of quality this straightener is unmatchable for short hairs and is not very expensive as well. Gives a great look and style to the short hair and with narrow plates. Light weight and easy to use. All ghd products are used in salon by all hair stylists.

Advantages and specifications:

  • Ceramic plates
  • Temperature Indicator Light
  • Lightweight
  • 8m cord length
  • Has 2 year warranty
  • Gives professional finish to the hair
  • 30 seconds heat up time
  • Temperature range is 140-230


  • Not be used for thick hair
  • Gets too hot for handle
  • Metal plates and narrow and smaller

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Best Hair Straightener for Daily Use

If you are working women then it is necessary to go your office with various hair styles. Even college and school girls are also doing different hair styling on daily basis and for this you need a hair straightener which helps you to try various hair styles.

Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Styler


Getting ready for your office meeting or going to attending a party?

I have ample time to get ready, said no woman ever. You are always short of time when you are getting ready and this is where Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Styler will help you. It gets heated in 15 seconds straight so no more waiting.

Specifications and advantages

  • Coated with rose gold titanium plates
  • Ultra-advanced ceramic heaters
  • Auto Shut off mode
  • Swivel cord of 3m
  • Heat up in just 15sec
  • Has 12 types of temperature setting for all types of hair
  • Edges of the plates are curved to give perfect loose curls and waves


  • When it is turned there is a gap in between the plates
  • No storage and travel pouch

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Best Long-Lasting Hair Straightener

The idea for keeping the quality of hair good while using the flat irons for hair straightening and curling is to use the leading hair straightener for the long-lasting hair.

Philips HP8316/00


This is the best choice to keep the hair long- lasting and for the extra curly hair. This is cordless straightener which adds extra hydration to the hair.

Specification and Advantages:

  • Imported from US
  • Heat of 210°C
  • Setting of adjustable temperature
  • Wireless
  • Pro-keratin technology
  • Protects from heat damage
  • Anodized floating plates
  • Fast heat-up in 60 seconds
  • 2 years warranty


  • Heating is fast
  • Sharp edges cuts the hair

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Best Hair Straightener in Budget

1) Under Rs. 500

If you style your hair do not waste your time to visit beauty salons, just buy hair straightener at affordable price and give a look just like salon to your hair. There are many straighteners under 500 like bhavya hair straightener, macron detangling hair straightener brush and many more but Lovato nova hair straightener.

MaxelNova 2 in 1 Hair Straightener


This straightener is compact and not too large. This straightener gives super smooth, shiny, frizz-free and sleek locks hairs.

Specifications and Pros:

  • Too light in weight
  • Travel Friendly
  • 2 in 1 hair straightener plus curler
  • 180°C temperature
  • Heats up in 60 seconds
  • Ceramic Coated plates
  • LED light


  • Not for permanent straightening
  • Lock button does not work properly after some time

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2) Under Rs. 1000

Vega Adore Flat Hair Straightener -VHSH-18


Every day give a new style to your hair with this straightener. This straightener gives you glossy, high shine hair. This protects the hair from any kind of damage.

Specification and Advantages:

  • Has 1.8m cord length
  • Ceramic Coated Plates
  • Heats up within 60sec­­
  • LED indicator
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Easy lock system
  • Power 35watts
  • 360 swivel cord which prevents tangling


  • Does not cover full hair length
  • Ceramic Coating removed after some time

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3) Under Rs. 1500

Philips HP8302/06 Selfie Hair Straightener


Straighten and style of the hair with best brand’s product Philips. This straightener giver your hair a shiny and smooth look.

Specification and Advantages:

  • 6m cord length
  • Heat up time is 60sec
  • Range of temperature is 90-210 degree Celsius
  • Has Ceramic plates
  • Suitable for frizzy and dry hair


  • Takes time to straighten the hair
  • No temperature controller

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Tips to choose the right hair straightener for your hair:

1) Find the correct shape

When you are choosing the hair straightener check out the edges of straightener. The edges must be rounded or curved so that your hair must not be stucked into it.

2) Plate Width

The wider plates will straighten your hair in lesser time. So choose the straightener with wide plates.

3) Temperature

The straightener which you are choosing must have adjustable temperature so that you can change the temperature according to the heat.

4) Correct Features

Read the features correctly while ordering for the straightener. Hair quality varies from person to person some have thick hair, thin hair while some have dry and curly hair. Choose the straightener according to your hair type.

5) Straightener for thin hair

Thin hair are damaged easily so for thin hair less temperature required by the straightener. Ceramic plates are best for the thin hair which distribute heat equally in the plates.

6) Thick Hair

Choose the straightener with higher heat settings. Plates must be wider so that it will take less time for straightening and hair will get straight in just 2 or 3 strokes. Titanium flat irons will be the best for thick hair.

Straighteners are the best tool for styling your hair in just few minutes without going salon. Straightener will give glossy, smooth and shiny hair. They are suitable for all types of hair thick, thin, dry, curly and cause no damage. In this article we have explained the type of straightener in details with their features and advantages. Hope you have found the one you were looking for.

If you still have any questions related to it, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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