10 Best Epilators for Women in India for Easy Hair Removal (2023)


From backless blouse to strapless dresses, from sleeveless tops to cut short bottoms. We all undergo waxing, trimming and shaving for wearing these, right? (*wink)(*wink) BUT! Psst…there’s something that you are not aware of. Wonder, what it is? You don’t know that for removing hair tenderly, you can use these best epilators in India.

Thinking, “What’s an epilator?” Having thoughts like: “Why should I use an epilator? And why on earth are we recommending it to you?” Just do us a favor. Give a pause to such thoughts of yours as we will tell you everything about it from scratch.

Now basically, an epilator can terminate wax strips, hair removal creams, manual pincers and the so-called ‘ladies razor’ from your life! It is a palm-sized automatic device that will uproot your body’s hair from its hair follicles (roots). As a result, you will get long lasting hair removal, easy and cost-effective hair depilation for complete body of yours.

If you are still not convinced, see…

1) How will an epilator benefit you?

  • Firstly, like waxing it won’t damage your skin cells. That’s a big deal as such cells will take away life from your skin.
  • Secondly, your hairs won’t feel pointy and harsh to touch, especially if you are using a razor and;
  • Thirdly, it won’t even darken your skin, which a hair removing cream is capable of.

2) Didn’t we tell you, what’s inside an epilator?

An epilator functions mainly due to tweezers. Tiny-sized tweezers are mounted at the head of the device for hair removal. If waxing is painful, then epilation is less painful. WAIT.

‘Pain’ should not be the exact word; the tweezers will just give you a momentary flick of a sting. That’s it. Later in this section, we will tell you about quick ways to reduce that feel of the sting too. Hang on and sit straight.

3) Which epilator should you use?

Epilators can remove all unnecessary hair present on your body and face. That is why as per their use they are classified into two:

  • Face Epilators
  • Body Epilators

A) Facial epilators can be used:

  • For giving shape to your womanly looking eyebrows (That will accentuate your murderous eyes).
  • For getting rid of rough facial hair and misshaped side locks too (Just to show them that your face doesn’t have hairs, like that of a monkey).
  • For hair-free upper lip (Because only fake mustaches are cute, not real ones!).

B) Body Epilators is usable for lower body and upper body depilation.

You can use it:

  • For removing small hairs on your stomach and chest (Even boys are getting rid of them, why can’t you then).
  • For back body hair removal (So that you could flaunt your captivating back, with confidence!).
  • For clearing away underarm hairs (Because it always looks better when clean).
  • For bikini line hair elimination (As hairs that peep out of your elegant panties are total spoilers!).
  • For private areas that look feminine (As routinely intimate care and hygiene, can turn awkward with those hairs).
  • To get hairless thighs, feet, knees, and legs (For ladylike tiptoeing, in front of him).

And it also used to prevent ingrown hair problems.

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4) Which are the Epilators best in kind (2023)?

Here are the 10 finest epilators that will suit your skin under Indian climate. Working mechanism of epilators is the same. They all pull up our skin’s hair from its roots.

STILL, they differ from each other due to their unique features. Read further to discover.

PS: Along with giving tips for making better use of epilators, we will also tell you about easy post-depilation care.

First, let’s start with face epilators, shall we?

Face epilators usually have small flexible heads. They are soft on a face’s skin. Buying separately an economical epilator for face will benefit you. Because then you will get a special face exfoliating brush with it.

It’s important to have this brush…

  • As before epilation, one should exfoliate skin for removing the dead skin cells.
  • Also for exfoliating one’s face, you cannot and should not, use any loofah or pumice stone.
  • After a long use, when the Brush gets completely worn out. You can even replace the brush with a new one.

Things to care:

When using face epilators:

  • BEFORE Epilation: We have already told this to you. Exfoliate your face.
  • DURING Epilation: On whichever part of the face, you will use an epilator. Keep the surrounding skin of that part, stretched and tight with your other hand.

Suppose: You are shaping your eyebrows then stretch the skin of your forehead, with the other hand. Just the way, you pull it back, when you go for threading.

  • AFTER Epilation: Depending on your skin type, use a moisturizer for adding gloss to your smooth skin. Never forget to moisturize your face post-epilation. In case you get annoyed skin after epilation, apply aloe vera face gel to soothe it.

A) List of Best Epilators for Face

Here’s my list of best facial epilators that will help you in removing facial hairs without any trouble.

1) Braun Face 810


Braun Face 810- Facial Epilator -&- Facial Cleaning Brush with- Micro-Oscillations

Let’s first debunk the beauty term, ‘micro-oscillation’. A product having Micro-oscillation features has a sonic speed. Here, the bristled of the brush will move speedily, back and forth on a surface, due to this technology. Here, this term is used, in context with the facial cleansing brush head (exfoliating brush).

Braun face 810 also comes with a small cleaner brush, to clean the same.

  • Such brushes have got soft and thin bristles, which makes it perfect for face exfoliation.
  • Hence those who have sensitive skin need not worry.
  • Exfoliation done through such face cleansing brush is considered to be effective, than the ones done by hand.
  • Besides being an epilator it also serves as a facial cleanser, due to exfoliating brush. Therefore you can use it to, remove your makeup, dust and other contaminants.
  • But, don’t use it for daily exfoliation. Regular exfoliation is not suggestive for face.
  • Whenever bristles of the brush would look bent, instead of straight that will signal towards its replacement. On an average, you should replace it after completion of every three months.

The manufacturers say that you can use it under the shower if you want. Still, there’s no need.

  • Just think, how running water of a shower, will keep the lather at its place.

Without froth, how exfoliating brush will do its job?

  • Your face cleanser will wash away if you will use the epilator under the shower.
  • Hence, close the shower tap; use the brush to form lather and allow it to clean your face.

Like we said tweezers are present in epilators.

  • In Braun Face 810 model there are 10 tweezers and each of them oscillates for around 200 times per minute.
  • Two hundred sounds like a big scary number, but in the case of epilators, the swift they are, the better it is.
  • It can remove hair as short as 0.02 mm. Hence you can expect superior results from it.

Some of its other features are:

  • Protective cap that should be used to cover the tool’s head, when not in use.
  • It is battery operated. AA size batteries are used in it.
  • This Product is suitable for beginners to use.

Check out it’s price at Amazon.in

In case you need more than one exfoliating face brush. Then the upcoming model will seem like a better option to you….

2) Braun face 820


We can tell you about it in one line:

  • Braun face 820 has two face cleansing brushes, while Braun face 810 has just one brush.
  • If Braun face 810’s protective cap is silver in color. Protective cap of Braun face 820 is silver in color.

Told you they all work the same. It’s just the accessories in an epilator’s model which makes stands out from others.

Check out it’s price at Amazon.in

3) Braun face 830


Braun face 830 differs from Braun face 810 and 820 in following ways:

  • It also has a lighted mirror, this means you can it get a better view while epilating in low-light places.
  • It has a lavender colored pouch, where you can store your precious epilator safely. And a white colored protective cap.

Here Braun face 830 instead of giving an extra refill brush, has given us epilating accessories. Such accessories are appreciated by top bloggers who run specialized blogs on epilators. See even the experts are in favor of an epilator’s add-on features.

This is it. The rest of its features are same as Braun 810. We hope you have gone through its description comprehensively. If not, doesn’t matter, read it again to keep it fresh in your brain’s memory.

Check out it’s price at Amazon.in

4) Braun Face 831


It is similar to Braun face 830. The only difference is in their beauty pouch’s color and in their protective cap’s color.

If the Braun face 830’s cap is silver in color then the color of Braun Face 831 is Rose Gold.

Instead of being lavender in color, its beauty pouch’s color is white in color! That’s it, only the color of protective caps and beauty pouches separates them from each other.

What’s with Braun’s Different Color Caps and Beauty Pouches?

We guess such variations of colors must have been brought for people, who are concerned about their socio status. Don’t forget Face 831’s price is more than Face 830.

Just like there are three difficulty levels in a game (i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). The same way, Braun has protective caps and beauty pouches of different colors meant to be used in the game of-epilation!

We even cross-referred the product dimension of epilators belonging to each model. They all are same-sized, people! No differences found. Hence, it’s only the color of caps and pouches that affect the price of each model.

Check out it’s price at Amazon.in

5) Braun Face 832


You will find certain substantial things in Braun Face 832. Like:

  • Extra refill brush, like the one given in Braun, face 820
  • Sensitive Cleansing Brush- To clean areas like upper lip, side hair locks, chin, and jawline, where our skin is thin.
  • Lilac Colored Protective Caps, and;
  • Lilac Colored Beauty Pouch (Don’t laugh)

Check out it’s price at Amazon.in

On seeing all the Braun’s epilators above, if you think us to be biased, never mind. Since it’s the matter of your pretty face, we can’t compromise with the quality of epilators, here. At the top, they all are reasonably priced facial epilators.

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B) List of Best Water-Resistance Epilators for Body

All body epilators should be waterproof because they help in minimizing the stinging feeling. A water-resistant epilator is also known as ‘shower epilator’.

People epilate their skin after taking shower. Due to this logic:

“When our body is wet, our hair follicles get soften. This way it becomes easy for epilators to wipe out hair from our skin.”

Note: Try not to use epilator ‘under’ shower, even if the product’s description allows you to do so. Use if ‘after’ shower. Why so?

Just think the tweezers to reach your hair, will first have to clear its way, by cutting water. This counts as extra effort and time, people!

So while using epilators, don’t stand under the shower or use it inside filled bath tubs.

Things to take care:

When epilating body

  • BEFORE Epilation: Use shower gel and loofah to exfoliate your skin.
  • DURING Epilation: Don’t forget to taut the skin. As epilator works in a better way on, tight stretched skin.
  • AFTER Epilation: Apply body lotion to moisturize. Or aloe vera gel to soothe the redness, pigmentation, bumps etc. if any.

Body Epilators, they have broad heads since wide coverage will be needed. Now let’s give a break to Braun epilators and talk about some other, reliable body epilators. They are:

1) Remington Smooth and Silky 4 IN 1 Epilator


  • Runs on: Batteries
  • Chargeable: Yes
  • With or without Cord: Cordless
  • How to Charge: Plug-in-socket-charging

This means you will get a cord wire to charge it. Such wired epilators are called rechargeable epilators too. You can unplug the cord after charging gets complete. This way the epilator will become cordless. You should always charge epilators before use.

NEVER use a plugged in epilator on skin, otherwise, you will get a shock! We know how you use your mobile phone even when it’s charging. The same rule won’t apply here.

  • Type: Wet plus Dry Epilator.

This means you can use it on your wet, as well as dry skin. This makes it waterproof.

BUT again what’s the point of taking it ‘under’ shower. Use is ‘after’ shower.

  • After you finishing bathing, instead of being wet, your skin will be damp. By the way, meaning of the word ‘damp’ means less wet. Use the epilator on such damp skin.
  • Yes, that’s true…
  • Even before you finish epilating your right hand, the dampness of your left hand will evaporate. As epilation should be done steady and slow, such a case will possibly occur.
  • But, that’s how it works, darling. You will have to damp your right hand, when its turn comes.

This method is at least better than the ‘hair dry method’. Where to top opens our skin’s pores, after bathing instead of leaving it damp, we hair dry it.

Exfoliation will indeed open your skin’s pore. But to lessen the feel of the sting, it is better to go either for ‘damp shower method’ or the ‘hair dry method’.

  • Cleanable: Yes

Removes hair with Metal Tweezers

It has precisely 40 tweezers. More the tweezers, the better it is.

Product’s Features: You will get two speed options, i.e. fast and slow, for using an epilator. This is a sign of a good epilator.

As it is always better to start with slow speed for soft skin and skin that is new to epilation.

You can put it on fast mode if you have rough thick hair. Don’t worry its anti-slip body, will provide you a better grip.

Number of Attachments: 4

They are:

  1. Massage Cap: That is infused with Aloe Vera infused. Aloe Vera will soothe your skin. Massage soon after you finish removing hair.
  2. Angle Cap: That will help you in holding the epilator straight i.e. perpendicular to your skin.
  3. Shaver head: This is for cutting down hair in a jiffy.
  4. Detail Cap: That can be used for thin hair and even minuscule hair (0.05 mm). Like hair on cheeks, neck, etc.

Hold on a second.

Did we say that, it can be used on cheeks’?


Body epilators can also be used as face epilators. BUT

Such epilator set won’t have face cleansing brush head in it.

Now that you know, Remington Smooth and Silk 4-in-1 can be used on the face. Still, it should be KEPT AWAY from eyebrows.

The Detail Cap provided, should be used on thin-skinned body parts. It can also be used for personal areas, for hair under pits of arms, hand, and legs, etc. In short, leaving certain parts of our face, it can be used everywhere.

Add-on Features: You will be possessing, precision light, that is more like a torch. It will help you see whether or not you are moving the gadget, through each and every hair on your skin.

You will also get one: Cleaning Brush + Beauty Pouch

Check out it’s price @ Amazon.in

2) Philips BRE 630/00 Satinelle Advanced Wet and Dry Epilator


Now we are going to tell you about an award-winner epilator. This epilator by Philips-

  • Runs on: Batteries
  • Chargeable: Yes

The charging cord is provided with the box. After chargining remove the plug to use.

  • With or without Cord: Cordless
  • How to charge: Plug-in-socket-charging
  • Type: Wet and Dry Epilator.

After giving you a nice lecture on Wet and Dry epilators, above. We think there’s no need for further explanations here.

  • Cleanable: Yes

At the end, we will tell you, the right way of cleaning epilator’s heads.

Removes hair with 17 Ceramic Tweezer-like Discs

This is Philips, patented technology. Its rotating tweezer discs promises to remove every single hair. Two-speed choices are given to the consumer, i.e. high and low.

Those who are worried about metal tweezers can use this. Even when it gets close to skin, it will be gentle on your skin. But hair can re-grow after it, in a short duration. Approximately after 3-4 weeks.

  • Product’s Features: The S-shaped handle is said to be ergonomic, such a handle will help in smooth movement all over the body. Its head has a width of 30 mm, which is claimed to be widest in Philip’s range of epilators.
  • Number of Attachments: 5
  1. Shaving Head
  2. Facial Area Cap: For handling face epilation, but again, this one is without face cleansing (exfoliating) brush.
  3. Sensitive Area Cap: For hairs in bikini and underarms region.
  4. Massage Cap: But without infused Aloe Vera.
  5. Trimmer Comb: Remember how a barber, before cutting hair, combs it to keep it straight. Special trimmer combs are for the same purpose. They should be used for long hairs, like the ones present in our private parts.
  • Add-on Features: Precision Light + Basic Pouch + Cleaning Brush

Check out it’s price at Amazon.in

3) Philips BRE 210/00 Advanced Satinelle Epilator


If you think that you don’t need extra attachments and accessories, this one can be your perfect match.

  • Runs on: Batteries
  • Chargeable: Yes

After charging unplug the charging cord to use it as a wireless epilator.

  • With or without Cord: Cordless
  • How to charge: Plug-in-socket-charging
  • Type: Wet and Dry Epilator
  • Cleanable: Yes
  • Removes hair with Metal Tweezer Discs

21 tweezer discs are present in it. Instead of spiky tongs, there have round plates like tweezers for hair removal.

  • Product’s Features: This Epilator has a technology named ‘skin stretcher’ that is designed to tighten skin epilation. Ergonomic grip handle is also there, for easy maintenance of ninety-degree position. 2-speed options also present to choose, i.e. low and high speed.
  • Number of attachments: 2
  1. Sensitive Area Cap: But this epilator is not mean to be used on face. Hence if you are planning to use a face epilator separately, we will ask you to use this epilator for your body.
  2. Shaving Head

Add-ons: Cleaning Brush only.

Check out it’s price at Amazon.in

4) Braun Silk Epil 7-561


Just like others, we can’t stop talking about Braun too.

  • Runs on: Batteries
  • Chargeable: Yes
  • With or without Cord: Cordless
  • How to charge: Plug-in-socket-charging
  • Type: Wet cum Dry Epilator
  • Cleanable: Yes
  • Removes hairs with: 40 Metal tweezers

Product’s Features:

The pivoting head is for making the epilator’s head adaptive and flexible as per your body contour.

With ‘Soft Lift Tips’ of the Epilator, even hairs lying flat on your skin will get uplifted and removed.

Besides this, it also provides two-speed alternatives.

  • Number of attachments: 6
  1. High-frequency Massage Cap: That will help in providing more comfort to the body after depilation.
  2. Efficiency Cap: This will give you a close contact with the skin.
  3. Trimmer Cap/Comb
  4. Shaver Head
  5. Sensitive Area (Precision) Cap
  6. Facial Cap
  • Add-on-features: Smart Light + Pouch + Protective Cap + Cleaner Brush

Check out it’s price at Amazon.in

5) Braun Silk Epil 9-561


  • Runs on: Batteries
  • Chargeable: Yes
  • With or without cord: Cordless
  • How to charge: Via Charging Stand
  • Type: Wet plus Dry Epilator
  • Cleanable: Yes
  • Removes hair with: 40 metal tweezer

Product’s Features:

Its head has got attributes like- Pulsating head, that’s won’t let you feel the ‘sting’, wide coverage epilator head and pivoting head too. Two-speed options are indeed given by it, to the user.

  • Number of Attachments: 6
  1. Charging Stand: On which you can charge the gadget.
  2. High-Frequency Massage System
  3. Shaver Head
  4. Trimmer Cap
  5. Skin Contact Cap
  6. Facial Cap
  • Additionally: Smart Light + Cleaning Brush + Pouch

Check out it’s price at Amazon.in

5) MUST-KNOW rules for using Epilators

  • It is better to epilate short hairs because epilation of long hair literally hurts. [To epilate long hairs using trimmer comb, trim it and then epilate those shortened hairs. You can use the same technique for bushy hair as well.]
  • Don’t use the device on irritated skin, inflamed skin or skin with rashes, etc.
  • Do not share it with your girlfriends.
  • Never use extension cords to charge them
  • Now, listen to this very carefully. Here you will learn how to POSITION and MOVE the epilator.
  • The epilator should be perpendicular to skin. I.e. at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Move it in straight line.
  • While moving in a straight line, run the epilator in circular motion.
  • Go slow, there’s no hurry.
  • Run the epilator straight in the ‘natural’ direction of your hair’s growth. For instance: You hair growth is from ‘left to right’. [This means, your hair follicle will be on the left side and your grown hair, will then bend toward right.] In such a view, run epilator against your natural direction only, from left to right in straight manner. Don’t run it from right to left.
  • Don’t press it hard against your skin when you use it.
  • First timers should not start epilation from sensitive areas.

6) How to clean epilators?

When we said that epilators are washable, doesn’t mean its body (handle) is washable too.

For cleaning the epilator you should dismount its head. Then clean it with assistance of cleaning brush and then with running water.

When this process gets completed, take a cotton ball and dip it in an alcoholic face cleaner.

After this air dry it and store it in a safe place.

If the epilator falls from your hand, check if its tweezers are broken. Never ever use epilator with broken tweezers.

Final Words

All the above epilators are for girls, who want to save themselves from the ‘Ouch’ and ‘Ahh(s)’ of waxing. It is for those, who don’t want hair removing creams to tattoo them with dark colored patches. And this one’s is also for those, who know that one cannot get smooth skin with sharp blades of a razor. If you care for your skin, then please care to buy yourself an epilator too. Prefer buying epilators online as then you will get some discounts too.

Still have any doubts related to epilators ?? Feel free to ask your question in the comment box given below. And if you like this article, please share it with your friends and family via social media buttons given below.

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