8 Best Ayurvedic Fairness Cream to get Glowing Face Naturally


Why use an ayurvedic cream for fairness? In India, they say for a light, white and bright complexion face, apply haldi-kesar (Turmeric-Saffron) with milk on it. Not only haldi kesar, on searching you will find many such blends of ayurvedic ingredients to use for everyday natural looking fairness.

You obviously want 24*7*52 bright fair face but can you go out for work or shopping, by keeping your face covered with homemade fairness face packs? So we thought to unfold some of the best ayurvedic fairness creams in India, at first.

That’s because creams are quite important than any other facial care products. How? We all put on face cream for a considerate period time. This is why one should choose face creams wisely. So to help you make a wise choice, we have curated the list of top ayurvedic face fairness creams for you. Take a look below.

List of the Best Ayurvedic Face Cream for Fairness

Following are 5 melanin reducing, ayurvedic ingredients-made fairness creams from top herbal skin care brands in India you might like using for a satiny fair skin.


  • The following Ayurveda Creams have been chosen on basis of their herbal composition.
  • All of these face brightening creams are women’s creams.

1) VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Day Cream


Key Ingredients: Licorice and Mulberry.

Licorice: Licorice is a skin lightening ayurvedic beauty herb that besides whitening skin tone also nourishes skin with anti-oxidants and Flavonoids, an important skin nutrient.

Licorice has multiple uses it’s a natural sun-protecting skin ingredient that protects us from sun UV-A,-B and –C rays. With SPF 25 this fairness cream acts as a sunscreen. This is good as we all fear to lose our fairness under the sun, isn’t it?

It even removes dark spots of a pigmented skin. Thereby it helps you get a clear complexion bright looking face.

Mulberry: Mulberry also has same benefits as licorice. Due to the richness of Vitamin E, it will also leave your skin soft and supple. The pharmaceutical recognized complexion lightening creams even use mulberry as one of its ingredients.

For a complete Fairness Home Treatment, you can also buy VLCC Snighdha’s Version:

  • Skin Whitening Face Wash
  • Skin Whitening Serum
  • Skin Whitening Night Cream

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2) Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream


Key Ingredients: Mulberry, Grapes, and Saxifraga.

Grapes: Since we have already discussed Mulberry above, let’s talk about grapes fruit for getting glowing fairness. Grapes contain hydroxy acid that gives light even tone to the skin. As we tend to age, our skin also starts losing its radiance, for solving this problem grape is also used in various anti-ageing creams.

Grapes can help you a spotless skin as it is apt to decrease dark circles, pimple marks, and blackheads on your face. If you have such kind of skin problems, then you might want to use it, without compromising your skin’s fairness.

Saxifraga: Saxifraga can improve your skin’s overall appearance. The beauty of one’s skin appearance doesn’t lie in its color. We also need to keep our skin elastic and toned, free of brown/black spots, free of face marks and what not! Skin care is a multidimensional process, along with taking care of your bright complexion face you would also need to look after it in several ways. And Saxifraga is that one herbal ingredient, which can rightfully perform this duty of yours.

Facial care not only involves the use of face creams. We also need face masques, scrubs, massage creams etc. for inside out nourishment.

Keeping this in mind Lotus is equipped with all necessary fairness face care products like:

  • Lotus Herbals White Glow Cleansing Face Wash
  • Lotus Herbals Whitening and Brightening Night Cream
  • Lotus Herbals White Glow Oatmeal Scrub
  • Lotus Herbals White Glow Massage Cream
  • Lotus Herbals White Glow Face Masque

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3) Himalaya Herbals Natural Glow Fairness Cream


Key Ingredients: Persian Rose, Walnut, Aloe Vera, and Mandarin Orange.

Persian Rose: Persian Rose contains skin whitening Vitamins like B, C, and K. We all have been using rosewater from wiping off our makeup to performing home manicures and pedicures. That’s because Rose is full of antioxidants, tannins, and Flavonoids. Even rose essential oil and rosewater are made from rose extracts. The same rose extracts have been used in this Cream.

Walnut: This brain sharpening nut has even got the brains to protect your skin from the Sun’s UV rays. Walnuts with the help of Vitamin E, fatty acids, and proteins, can keep your skin fresh and plump looking throughout the day. Guess that’s why walnuts have long shelf life.

Aloe Vera: The anthraquinone in Aloe Vera removes skin’s dead cells. Removal of dead skin cells is necessary as only that way you can let your cells absorb the ingredients of face melanin reducing fairness creams and other beauty products. This is why it is necessary to exfoliate (scrub) skin before applying face masque on it.

Aloe Vera is known to refresh skin after each application. It is not just a skin cleanser, but also a skin moisturizer and skin toner too. Even the famous Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra used Aloe Vera for getting naturally whiten face and radiating skin.

Mandarin Orange: Orange is as efficient as Lemon. This Citrus fruit helps you get glowing skin along with lightened skin tone.

Himalaya Herbals in known to make use of nature-made ingredients in its entire product range. If you would accompany Himalaya Herbals Organic Fairness Cream with:

Himalaya Herbal Kesar Face Wash, Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream containing lemon extracts and Vitamin C rich tomato extracts in it. This is for your daily fairness organic beauty care regime.

Speaking about weekly, skin brightening regime, for that you can use Himalaya Herbals Complexion Whitening Scrub  and, Himalaya Herbals Kesar Fairness Face Pack

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4) Biotique Bio Coconut Skin Whitening and Brightening Cream


Key Ingredients: Pure Virgin Coconut Water

Coconut Water: Coconut Water is basically a beauty drink. It does not only give us shiny skin, it even frees our skin from all kinds of dark and light face marks, scars, spots, and blemishes etc. Coconut water’s benefits were popularly limited till here only. But you would be surprised to know that even coconut contains face whitening vitamin i.e. Vitamin B.

Due to this secret property of Coconut, many are after applying greasy coconut oil on their face! Why do that when you can simply use Biotique Bio Coconut Skin Whitening and Brightening Cream.

Biotique doesn’t want you to deprive of other fairness increasing ayurvedic herbs. This is why it has Biotique Advanced White Fairness Face Wash and Biotique Fruit Whitening Face Pack.

Both are made of Tomato, Lemon, Papaya and Pineapple fruit extorts.

Its face cream is not SPF equipped fully. This is why to protect you from the sun, it has Biotique Sandalwood Lotion Sunscreen with SPF 50 in its product line. In case you don’t know, Sandalwood oil is one of the skin fairing essential oils in the world beauty care.

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5) Garnier White Complete Speed Cream


Key Ingredient: Pure Lemon Extract

Lemon: Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Many fear using lemon in its natural form because when used in excess, lemon may dry your skin or it may give you uneven dark/light patches on your face. But with pH balanced Garnier White Complete Speed Cream, you need not fear lemon.

Lemon has many beauty benefits, besides increasing fairness of your face, it can also fight acnes and blackheads with its anti-microbial properties.

It can treat face blemishes, skin tans and avoid skin discolorations with its anti-oxidants properties. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, if your skin is deprived of water-soluble Vitamin C, you may get a dry skin. But with Garnier White Complete Speed Cream containing pure lemon extracts, you can prevent loss of moisture from your skin too.

For, amplifying the effective of Garnier’s Fairness Cream you can even use:

Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Face Wash & Garner Skin Naturals White Complete Night Fairness Cream that not only contains lemon extracts but also other skin reviving fruit extracts.

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6) Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream


Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream has been tagged as ‘medicinal face cream’, because it’s a product of Dr. Sanjeev Juneja’s hard work. Dr. Juneja is an ayurvedic doctor who has made this face cream with 12 medicinal herbs. These 12 ayurvedic ingredients would not only give you a fair reflecting skin, it would also protect you broadly from various skin problems and ailments.

Buy it now from Amazon.in.

7) Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic Fairness Cream


This list would have been incomplete without India’s most popular fairness cream brand, Fair & Lovely. Seeing the rising importance of herbals fairness creams among women, Fair & Lovely took out a total of 16 ayurvedic herbs instilled, Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic Fairness Cream.  You can use it, if you want all the 16 fairness focusing natural ingredients, to illuminate your skin’s complexion.

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8) Patanjali Saundarya Swarn Kanti Fairness Cream


This fairness cream contains gold extracts in it along with other ayurvedic herbs. Gold is used in many anti-ageing creams because it is full of antioxidants. If there is excess of melanin production in your face due to free radicals, due to which you have a dark skin tone. Then you might like using it, because antioxidants facilitate moderate production of face melanin.

Buy it now from Amazon.in.

The above three creams are also single-handedly one of the reputed natural ayurvedic fairness creams in India. But we thought you would like to possess a mini face fairness kit for yourself. Hence we suggested you country’s top rated ayurvedic fairness face wash, face scrubs and face packs, along with ayurvedic creams for fairness. As we said earlier, creams are not the only facial care products.

Still have any doubts?? Feel free to ask your question in the comment box given below. And if you like this article, please share it with your friends and family via social media buttons given below.

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  1. Well…I am 19…lil bit Oily…I am pretty happy with my skin and skin tone…
    But I am badly in need of a good Moisturizer…
    moisturizer Which will improve my skin complexion and will give me a Soft and Smooth skin…
    Suggest me a good one!!!?

  2. Hi .. M 24 years old ..my skin is becoming dull and m loosing my completion too.
    I have oily t-Zone and using aloevera gel b two times a day.
    Please suggest a suitable cream

  3. My face is ful black by using skin light cream stil it as spoiled plz suggest me a good cream witout any side efforts i need my face sholud become white plz suggest me one nice cream mines oil skin

    1. Hi Nithu,

      You can try VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Day Cream or Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream.

  4. Hi mam I am 38 yr. ..till now I used ponds gold radiance..my skin is good. .but I want to use a cream which is non chemical based. ..it should be purely ayurvedic. .plzz suggest me a cream which is free from harmful chemicals. .

    1. Hi Sultana,

      You can choose from VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Day Cream or Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream. As both of them are good.

      1. Do we have to use the vlcc cream for the whole lofe time…
        Will the fairness fade when we stop using this product

  5. Hi I am 37 my skin is very dry I can’t use any soap I am worried abt my skin plz suggest me best fairness cream my skin is whittish in color

  6. Hey, i have some spots on my nose and not able to remove it as i have been using the creams for a long time. Can you suggest any other cream that i can buy and use it to remove the spots?

  7. Hi…I am 18 year old….. My skin is oily in summer ……. Sob plz suggest me …. Which cream is the best for me?

  8. Hi madam,I had used skinlite cream its spoiled my eyes with side full black.my skin is very sensitive chemical creams not suitable for my face I want become my old face pls suggest best ayurvedic cream

  9. Hi I m preeti my age is 30 after delivery my skin is very dull and lost of acne scars my face not glowing so please help me what to do and please suggest me best anti aging cream ..

  10. hai am priya, 28yrs. after marriage i got fully dark skin and dark circles around eyes. am hving ful dry skin. i want to bright my skin plz suggest best whitening cream wid out side effects

  11. My name is Vaishali
    i am regular user of Fair and Lovely aurvedic cream. But unfortunately the integrates in cream is changed and nor the new aurvedic cream is not suiting me. Can you suggest any aurvedic cream which is matching with old fair and lovely Ayurvedic creams integrates, which will suit to my skin. My skin is very allergic and delicate.

    thanking you

  12. hi mam day by day my skin is becoming dull and dark and also i have dark circles + black heads. please suggest me chemical free soap / face wash and cream

  13. I am a 50 year old African American female experiencing menopause. I have
    Hyperpigmentation on my forehead and facial cheeks. What natural product would
    help minimize this condition

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