7 Awesome Benefits of Dalia/Daliya | Bulgur Benefits


Do you happen to be a health conscious person? Then you must have heard people using Dalia for maintaining effective health. For those who are unaware of it, dalia is also known by other names like broken wheat or “Bulgur”.

Bulgur is a cereal grain that forms an integral part of the staple diet since years in the lives of human beings. Broken wheat or dalia has a lot of health benefits. It is a storehouse of nutrients.

Before we would enlighten you about the benefits of dalia, let us provide with a proper nutrition table of dalia. This would help you in understanding the true nutritional value of dalia.

Top Health Benefits of Dalia

If you are a health freak and wish to be at the pinnacle of your health, then you must include dalia/daliya in your daily food habit. It is an indispensable part of the Indian diet and can be consumed with veggies or milk for breakfast/lunch.

Here are some of the major benefits of eating bulgur on a daily basis:

1) Effective Weight Loss:


For those who have been dreaming to achieve effective weight loss, dalia can be a boon to them. Eating broken wheat daily can help you in maintaining a balanced body weight. As per a recent study, it has been observed that women who consumed whole grains daily had balanced weights than who did not consume the same.

Women who consumed bulgur in their daily diets had lesser chances of gaining weight than those consuming refined grains. Therefore, this could be a solid reason for including bulgur in your daily diet chart.

2) Anti-Inflammatory Benefits:

One of the most important benefits of bulgur is its anti-inflammatory action. When bulgur is consumed as a daily diet, it can help in alleviating chronic inflammation. Therefore, you can be assured of the natural form of prevention against several chronic and lifelong diseases.

The medical experts have revealed that both men and women who included the consumption of “betaine” (a metabolic component that is usually found in whole grains) observed lower levels of homocysteine – that is responsible for causing chronic inflammation.

As such, you can be ensured of prevention against several chronic diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart problems, and osteoporosis.

3) Reduced Type-2 Diabetes Risks:


The best feature about dalia or bulgur is that it is enriched with magnesium. This functions as a storehouse of over 300 enzymes that can balance the amount of glucose in the body. It can also stimulate the production of the balanced amount of insulin in the body.

The whole grains like daliya/bulgur are loaded with calcium and several other essential nutrients that are known to lower the risk of Type-2 diabetes. Dalia has been considered to be a low glycemic food item. Therefore, it serves as a boon for effective diabetes management.

Due to its high nutrient content, bulgur takes some time to break itself down in the intestine. This would result in the gradual and balanced release of glucose in the body system. Therefore, the sudden dips or hikes in the blood sugar level are also balanced.

4) Reduced Metabolic Syndrome Risks:

It is vital to select the right intake of carbohydrates in the body to promote effective weight loss and to stay healthy. The refined carbohydrates that are available in the market in the form of white flour or white rice are directly proportional to weight gain.

Therefore, the individuals who regularly consume the refined carbohydrates are in the greater risk of increased metabolic syndrome. High levels of metabolic syndrome can lead to Type-2 diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases.

However, the whole grains such as bulgur can protect the body against symptoms of metabolic syndrome like high blood pressure, obesity, and high level of triglycerides. When you would take dalia on a regular basis, it can help in reducing the risk of both metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

5) Relief from Constipation:


Bulgur functions as an excellent laxative that helps in the flushing of toxins and waste products from the intestines and digestive tracts of the human body. Dalia also helps in the regularization of the bowel movement can help in relieving from constipation and can also reduce the risk of the development of piles.

Bulgur is a diet rich in fiber content that can also reduce the symptoms of the diverticular diseases like abdominal pain, nausea, gas formation, and bloated abs.

6) Balances the Cholesterol Levels:

If you wish to manage your cholesterol levels, then a bowl of Dalia everyday can be your perfect platter. Bulgur is rich in fiber and low on calories. Therefore, it can help in the proper management of the cholesterol levels in your system.

You can be thus ensured of a longer healthy life with balanced levels of cholesterol – the biggest stimulator of various lifelong diseases.

7) Endless Source of Energy:

With rich fiber content and slower processing in the body, a bowl full of dalia every morning can keep you fuller for a longer period of time. It can act as an endless supply of energy as it keeps your stomach full for a longer duration.

Dalia is one food item that tends to break down slowly and thus you will not feel hungry soon enough. As a result, you can cut short the intake of food on regular intervals and can achieve the desired balancing of weight and diet.


Whole grains like Bulgur or Dalia can serve as an essential nutrient with a plethora of health benefits. A diet rich in the whole grains can reduce the risk of the potential lifelong diseases and can ensure a healthy life for the long run. Therefore, by acknowledging the dalia/daliya benefits, you can strive to include it in your daily staple diet. A healthy life is a wealthy life!

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  1. Recently I have checked my lipid and got upset by seeing the cholestorel level. And after that started taking medicine. As food started taking daliya. So having gone through this article I am now satisfied .

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