10 Best Anti-Ageing Cream for Dry and Oily Skin in India


Do you remember seeing any TV commercial made on best anti ageing cream for oily skin or best anti ageing cream for dry skin, or so? Probably no, TV commercials have made anti-ageing creams generic, for they have always been showcased as creams for all skin types.

Due to this, women with dry or oily skin generally end up buying wrong anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle cream for themselves. Your newly born grey and white hair may not trouble you as they can be hidden behind the layers of opaque hair mehndis and hair colors. But wrinkles?

Wrinkles and others ageing signs can be troublesome if you choose to buy an anti-ageing cream not meant for your skin. So Love, look below to see our 5 top rated anti ageing creams for dry and oily skin, respectively.

Our Criteria for choosing the creams:

Aging is a natural earmarked phase of human life. Since it’s a biological process, we have primarily tried finding paraben free, organic anti-ageing creams, composed of nature-made, botanical and herbal ingredients.

5 Best Anti Ageing Creams for Dry Skin

1) Biotique Dandelion Ageless Serum


Biotique Dandelion Ageless Serum comes at half the price of Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repairing Cream. But wait, here we are talking about anti-aging creams, not about anti-wrinkle creams. Anti-ageing creams slightly differ from anti-wrinkle creams. Here’s how?

If you have defined wrinkle lines, we will certainly recommend you to use Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Creams. But if you have just started to age, then for your dry skin, you can consider using Biotique Dandelion Ageless Serum.

At the onset of ageing, you won’t get wrinkles right away. Before getting wrinkles you’ll detect the following noticeable signs of ageing like-drying skin, pigmented skin, loosening skin firmness and thin wrinkle lines (fine lines), etc. Moral, at the beginning don’t jump to buy an anti-wrinkle cream, chiefly made for reducing the visibility of wrinkles only.

Biotique Dandelion Ageless Serum is a cream-based serum. Serum due to its thin texture can penetrate well inside multiple layers of our skin. Dandelion is that one ingredient which can face and fight the aforementioned ageing symptoms.


It’s potential of doing so because it has a variant of antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, A and several minerals inside it. To power up the dandelion’s efficiency, the serum has been made with other anti-ageing ingredients and skin-hydrating ingredients like Nutmeg Oil, and Vitamin E etc.

It is a 100% Natural & Organic Product which don’t have any side-effects.

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2) Kulsum KayaKalp Anti Ageing Cream


This Anti-Ageing Cream is not a leave-on face cream. It’s more like a face massage cream. Means, you just need to apply the cream on your face for at least 10 minutes. After that, you can wipe it off with a moist cotton ball. Though it’s a face massage cream yet it is fit for daily use.

If your skin is a combination of dry and oily skin, also known as ‘Combination Skin’ you can use [Kulsum Kaya Kalp Life Anti Ageing Cream] that contains almond, vetiver (khus) and other aesthetic herbal extracts.

Almond as you all know hydrates skin very well. Let’s talk about something new here that is, vetiver (khus). The roots of khus have high water retaining capacity, due to which it keeps the soil moist on which it grows. Hence khus can keep your skin moisturized as well, along with making it look youthfully plump and not deflated, or shrunk like a dried rose.

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3) Vita C Anti-Ageing Cream


Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin type doesn’t stay in our body for more than a day! Our body makes full use of Vitamin C by the day’s end. A person who doesn’t include Vitamin C rich foods in his daily diet more likely has dry skin. It does not only moisturize the skin but also helps in retaining the same.

Vitamin C is sandwiched between several layers of our skin, acting as a barrier to prevent skin dryness or moisture loss. Vitamin C is also anti-ageing because of anti-oxidants inside it.

Even you must have seen how an apple when cut, gets brown after some time due to oxidation. But when you will apply some lemon or orange (Vitamin C) on it, its sliced pieces stays fresh for a long time without getting brown in color.

When robust iron can get rust due to oxidation of water, our delicate skin can easily age due to oxidation of free radicals in our body. This is why many women age prematurely when they don’t pay much attention towards their skin.

Vitamin C to the skin is what, water is to plants. When a wilted plant is given water after some time you’ll find it standing tall. Likewise, Vitamin can help you getting infinitum tightened skin. Because a firm, stiff skin only looks young.

You will find many specialized separate skin firming creams in the markets but Vit C can be used as both Anti-Ageing and Skin stiffening cream.

Along with the Vit C anti-ageing cream, you can also use Vit C Anti-Ageing Serum; it’s more like a Vitamin C skin tonic. That can be applied to the skin for making it look revitalized and young.

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4) Juicy Chemistry Anti-Ageing Day and Night Creams


From normally dry to an acute dry skin, the Juicy Chemistry’s Day and Night Anti Ageing Creams neither seems like a bad nor mediocre choice to us. [Juicy Chemistry’s Red Raspberry seed & Spearmint cream]

is an antioxidant day cream containing red raspberry seed oil, known to protect skin from sun’s UVA, UVB and UVC rays. It’s necessary to protect skin from sun rays as ageing even gets amplified when mature skin is exposed to the sun for a long time.

The ellegic acid of raspberry seed oil prevents collagen deterioration in the skin. Collagen is what makes our skin look young.

Shea Butter has been used to make the Cream moisture-rich. Shea butter is mainly used as body butter. Though it has been given the form of a face cream you can use as a body cream too.

The Spearmint in Cream can not only prevent wrinkles but it can also bring back that lost glow of a nourished skin on your face.

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Juicy Chemistry Lavender, Myrrh, and Wild Forest Honey Cream is a night-time cream. The USP of this cream is that it contains a team of reputed, anti-ageing essential oils i.e. Lavender Oil, Myrrh Oil, Carrotseed Oil and Rosehip Oil. Thereby, when you sleep in an upright position, these essential oils will be able to straightly get inside your skin cells.

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5) Nyah Anti-Ageing Nature Therapy


Though the product has been tagged as fit for all skin types but we find it more suitable for women with dry skin. That’s because it contains densely textured skin moisturizing, wheat germ oil and almond oil, not recommendable for people with oily skin.

This cream contains Saffron which contains anti-ageing vitamin like Vitamin B1, B2, and Vitamin A, all known for slowing down the pace of ageing. Whereas, Lycopene, an antioxidant in saffron, besides giving you radiant skin, would also provide you protection from wrinkle lines, fine lines, dull and saggy skin.

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5 Best Anti Ageing Creams for Oily Skin

Since your skin’s oily, first, we need to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, along with ageing, you may also face other skin problems too. Following are the anti-ageing best suited for women with oily skin:

1) Organic Harvest Age Reversal Cream


Instead of Olive Oil, Organic Harvest Age Reversal Cream contains Olive Tree Leaves Extracts in it. So what’s special about it? The medicinal Olive leaves besides treating early signs of ageing, also repair damages caused to the skin. This repairing and renewal work is done by antioxidants present in it.

The Cream even contains sea salt, whose information you’d probably find on its ingredient list. Sea salt is used in various anti ageing treatments because it contains a conglomeration of various sea minerals. Sea minerals like Potassium, Iron, and Zinc etc. all are skin cells and skin tissues, caretakers. When you age your skin also starts losing its natural sheen but with sea salt, you would be able to restore that shine of a youthful skin.

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2) St. Botanica Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkle Cream


This anti-ageing also contains Argan oil, along with Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ 10), a body-produced enzyme that usually diminishes in our body when we age. CoQ 10 is one of the substances that contain the highest amount of antioxidants in it. It helps in keeping our skin elastic and firm, by promoting collagen formation.

Even oily skin needs to be moisturized which Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid in the cream can do. Vitamin E can also protect from sun’s UV rays, also responsible for ageing. Hyaluronic acid is one popular dermal face filler, used in various cosmetic treatments for easing out wrinkles and crinkles of an ageing face and for making the whole skin smoothly even and soft.

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3) Vedic Line Bio Rhythm Active Cream Anti Ageing


Even the stickiness of oily skin varies from person to person. If you think your skin looks overly oily in daytime, no worries. You can use this anti ageing cream only at night. Along with containing Olive Oil, this Cream even contains Guar/Cluster Bean Gum and Grapeseed Oil in it.

One thing in common between all the three antioxidant ingredients is that they can emulsify skin by keeping it elastic and compact. You could say the makers of Vedic Line Bio Rhythm Anti Ageing Cream have tripled the power of this Cream by using ingredients with alike properties.

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4) Glam Veda Revive Anti Ageing Cream


Argan Oil contains a concentrated amount of antioxidants that can prevent free-radicals caused ageing. Do you know, every time we breathe, we naturally produce free radicals in our body?

Argan oil is one of the essential oils that syncs well with your greasy skin’s nature. It can even contribute towards making your face non-oily by hydrating and clearing out accumulated dirt and dust inside your skin’s deep open pores.

The pH balancing argan oil can even protect you from adult zits (acne). Irrespective of age, every woman’s oily skin is acne attracting skin. If you won’t take care of your skin, you may suffer from occasional breakouts too. In this case, you’d need breakouts treating argan oil and not salicylic face acne acid products that provide only momentary relief from acnes and pimples.

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5) Fucus Anti Aging Cream


This is truly a one of a kind anti-ageing cream for it contains Fucus Sea Weed and other Marine Plant Extracts. Sea Weeds are rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, various antioxidants and vitamins. Fatty acids help in keeping the skin supple and collagen rich. Antioxidant as you all know prevents free radicals from damaging our skin cells. The undamaged skin cells consequently give us ageless skin as and when they hide the visibility of our face wrinkles, dull spots and/or droopy skin etc.

But most importantly it contains various sea minerals that make it a demanding, in the cosmetic industry. Even 50-year-old Japanese women look half their age because of including seaweed in their diet. Don’t believe us, there’s even a book written on this matter, titled, ‘Japanese women don’t get old or fat’ by Naomi Moriyama.

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Final Words

Can’t decide, out of these 5 top anti ageing creams, which cream, you should buy for your dry/ oily face? We understand as we were confused too while selecting the best of best creams for you. So how we filtered out best from the rest? We thought, “What’s right for you is best for us.”Likewise, out of these top rated anti ageing creams, choose the one that you think, can rightly fulfilling your skin’s daily needs. As only the rightly chosen cream would certainly be the best anti ageing cream for your dry/oily face, and only the right would help you age with grace.

Still have any doubts?? Feel free to ask your question in the comment box given below. And if you like this article, please share it with your friends and family via social media buttons given below.

18 Replies to “10 Best Anti-Ageing Cream for Dry and Oily Skin in India

  1. I have wrinkles on forehead and on nose and my skin is dry there r 2 or 3 lines of wrinkles can I go for biotque dandelion ageless serum or something other please suggest me something better.

  2. Hi,
    My skin is very oily during day time and due to this my skin turns black. I am searching for an anti ageing cream which can do the magic on my oily skin.

  3. Hello…
    Superb article! Thanks fr d help…
    I m 37 nw n my face is just an oil tank in summer….
    Want to get rid of laugh lines…n slight saggy skin…
    Which shd i go for??!!!

  4. I am 34 nw and I have smile lines and under eye wrinkles and my skin is oily to combination in summer and very dry in winter. Which cream to buy please help.

    1. Hi Neeti,

      You can use Organic Harvest Age Reversal Cream in summers and Biotique Dandelion Ageless Serum in winters.

  5. Hello ma’am. I want anti aging cream for my mom she is 50+ with really dry skin. Plz suggest something affordable.. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Shazia,

      I would recomment Kulsum KayaKalp Anti Ageing Cream as it is affordable and effective.

  6. I have oily skin. Apart from reducing fine lines, I want my anti ageing cream to give my skin some glow & brightness. Which one should I use?

  7. My mom is 50+ with oily skin and has fine lines and wrinkles. There are no ance. Which anti ageing night cream would work for her ?

  8. i am 39 now and my skin is very oily with pimples and its marks, i am searching for an anti ageing cream for my oily skin. Please suggest something affordable.

  9. I am 32, I dont have wrinkles but have lots of dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. I am thinking to start anti ageing cream now. I have a combination type of skin, oily in summers and little dry in winters.
    Please suggest anti ageing day and night cream both.

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